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I'm a celebrity...get me out of here.... PETA have a petition to sign calling for animal abuse on the show to stop

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“I’m a celebrity….get me out of here”.....The animal charity PETA have been following it for a while now, and you may well have heard about their deep concerns for the animals who are on this show.

I'm a celebrity is presented by Ant and Dec, two well known TV personalities and the idea is that a number of celebrities are taken off into the Australian jungle where they have to perform a series of tasks and then one by one they are voted off, I think that's how it works. 

Many of the tasks involve animals.  “I’m a celebrity”, says PETA, abuses animals.  Human participants have to do things like sticking their heads or hands into tanks full of insects, spiders, mice, rats or fish.  They have to crawl into small spaces full of rats or insects.  They have to eat animals as well.  And PETA says that animals are killed off camera before participants of this pointless show have to eat them.

I want to know why contestants can’t be challenged to do a task to make a difference and help the animals in the jungle or in Australia.  There’s lots to do there.  Why not set them a challenge to see what they can do to plant trees to help koalas?

Of course the other very worrying concern is that there are enough people who will try to follow suit and do these trials at home….The show is sending the wrong message.  It’s telling people that it’s okay to abuse animals.

The animals have no choice but to take part.  PETA says they ensure stress, being confined to small, unfamiliar spaces.  They often have to lose their lives just for cheap laughs and cheap entertainment.

Animals deserve better, and probably they are thinking "I'm an animal....get me out of here."  

So 3 things we can all do:

  1. Sign PETA’s online petition urging the show producers to stop abusing animals for entertainment

  2. Spread the word about this petition online

  3. Switch off as soon as the show starts, or not bother to put it on in the first place.

This year's "show" could also be a very good opportunity for participants to refuse to take part in trials involving animals on the grounds that they abuse animals and send out the wrong message. 

Please sign PETA's petition here




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  1. Princess Claudia Jane Miller

    Please help us with the important ecosystem of wildlife animals of all types

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  2. Argeanton

    I've been a long time PETA support er here in the US. Please know PETA has been investigated undercover luring pitbull dogs who belong to loving families just far enough off of Thier property and euthanizing them. They support shelters here with no veterinarian care in cruel conditions. Yes PETA. They target low income areas and take pets. Not just strays, targeting breeds like pitbulls, feral cats. These are people's pets. Please do your own research. There is a huge oxymoron here. I will no longer support PETA due to the undercover investigations I have seen here in the US. I now sign petitions against them. For the IRS to not recognize Thier charity. Please just look into this yourself. I'll be spreading the word and supporting other vetted charities moving forward.

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  3. Jenny Bissmire

    Please stop this evil cruelty

    Posted on

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