Charity volunteer work makes a difference with win-wins all round


Charity volunteer work has many benefits:

Now, these benefits aren't ALL guaranteed - they could be offshoots of a step out into the world to do charity volunteer work.  But you may be surprised at the number of things you get from volunteering and going out to make a difference.

Charity volunteer work can take you to pastures new

  • You could really find a new confidence which spills over into other areas of your life, and gives you more positive belief in your abilities e.g. at work or school - it could also show your worth outside of your current job, always helpful. It could be that you can use skills you use at work to help charities - and that you could be surprised at how much you do know and can do, as you find yourself showing others how to do something
  • You may find yourself picking up new skills. I learnt to drive a minibus with one charity to help on an open day
  • It could lead to working for a new organisation, a new career - suddenly the career you've enjoyed in the private sector up to now seems less meaningful than the worthy aspiration of helping others
  • You decide to switch the career you have from the private sector to the public sector, so that you can go home at the end of the working day knowing you've done something really worthwhile which has made a difference
  • You meet like-minded people of all different ages, which can give you a great insight into how other age groups think - this can be very surprising and really bring you some unexpected friends i.e. you talk to people you wouldn't ordinarily talk to e.g. old to young, and vice versa. It means that you look at people & groups in society with new eyes & outlook
  • You never know where it might take you - a number of the UK Brooke volunteers visit Brooke centres in Egypt, for instance
  • There are lots of volunteering holidays around the world, many helping with wildlife conservation so you could get to travel to new places & help animals at the same time
  • You can find yourself doing things you wouldn't ordinarily dream of doing, all for the sake of the cause you believe in, such as a charity challenge

Charity volunteer work can help meet basic human needs

  • It can give you something meaningful & purposeful to do in your spare time or on holiday - why not go volunteeting with animals on holiday?
  • It can give you a sense of belonging, connecting with like-minded people, feeling wanted & needed
  • It can fulflil that human need of wanting to leave this earth knowing that you've made a difference & made a contribution

Charity volunteer work benefits those you want to help

  • More can be achieved as a group (some would argue with that).
  • A collective voice is more powerful than a lone one, strength is in collaboration
  • Two heads are better than one for coming up with ideas as to ways to solve a problem



Charity volunteer work can help you connect to people who care about the same things you do

  • You're with a group of people who are being proactive and striding out to change things - always energising, and it's good to know that there are other people out there who care enough to do something about making the world a better place
  • You could find a new group of friends who care about the same things as you do
  • You could find your partner for life! 

Charity volunteer work can help you through the more difficult times in life, when going out of your front door can seem like such an effort

  • You discover other people's (or animals' problems) really are worse than yours, so you can gain a new perspective on your own difficulties & the challenges life is throwing at you
  • Many volunteers say that they turn up even on the days when they feel rotten, off colour or down because they know they are needed, and that means a great deal to them
  • It can get you out of the house to work as a team with people who care about the same things you do
  • If you're the sort of person who finds making friends and new social situations difficult, you know that you can arrive to meet a group of people with something in common striaght away - a love of animals! 
  • Doing charity volunteer work can be particularly useful if you're going through a rocky patch in life (and let's face it, we all have them) - if you choose to volunteer for something which means that you have to turn up at the same time every week or day, you have some sort of structure
  • Above all, you know that the animals you're helping appreciate your help and are very glad for it

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