Pet Rescue


There are many pets chariites here are just a few. We will build up a directory as we discover more, so please come back and visit

Depending on the size of the pets animals charities, they may be local set-ups, or have a large national or regional spread. Cats Protection for instance has just under 30 adoption centres in the UK, plus branches run by volunteers who fund-raise, rescue cats, foster cats, raise awareness of Cats Protection etc; plus they have a network of charity shops. On the other hand, another cat charity may simply help rescuing cats in their town or even village, taking strays & lost cats in, trying to find their owners and then a new home.

These charities below are all in the UK.  Elsewhere, animal Charities are listed on Animal charities in Europe and animal charities world wide   Please note - we are building this list up so come back and check with us soon!  Birds & reptiles are on the way.  Here are ways to help animal rescues



Small pets

All sorts of pets

  • RSPCA   
  • Blue Cross  
  • Pet Care Trust- a national charity which promotes the benefits of repsonsible pet ownership, pet care, education and training.
  • PDSA (Pets Dispensary for Sick Animals)