Make a Difference to help thirsty animals


Working horses, donkeys and mules get very thirsty.  
Many work in extremely hot temperatures for many hours a day.

Charities like The Brooke can help them by providing water troughs.


Would you like to make a difference and help thirsty animals?


                   You can come in and provide water for 3 water troughs
by making a donation of £30.00.  




Your gift of £30 could help The Brooke work with brick kiln owners and make sure that a portable water trough
is always close on hand so that owners can give hard-working animals a drink to quench their thirst, wherever they are. 

Give hard working thirsty animals water troughs

Give three portable water troughs to help hard working animals for £30.00

or you could give these animals a purpose built water trough for £96.00 

Give a purpose built water trough to hard working horses, donkeys and mules
for £96.00 

This could enable communities to build and maintain their own permanent watering point.
This means that working horses, donkeys and mules can have a drink when they are thirsty.