Make a Difference to help thirsty animals

Elephants, giraffes, wildebeest and endangered zebras are dropping dead in their tracks!  
Animal Survival International are working to install boreholes to help save animals from dying of thirst -
help them create life-saving waterholes for the dehydrated animals of Kenya.  Find out more and donate here.  


Give animals water

Give your garden wildlife a pond  (It can be a small pond, every drop of water helps!)


Working horses, donkeys and mules get very thirsty.  
Many work in extremely hot temperatures for many hours a day.

Charities like The Brooke can help them by providing water troughs.


Would you like to make a difference and help thirsty animals?


                   You can come in and provide water for 3 water troughs
by making a donation of £30.00.  




Your gift of £30 could help The Brooke work with brick kiln owners and make sure that a portable water trough
is always close on hand so that owners can give hard-working animals a drink to quench their thirst, wherever they are. 

Give hard working thirsty animals water troughs

Give three portable water troughs to help hard working animals for £30.00