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Sally Longson
That's me, Sally Longson
I've spent my life around animals, from having rabbits, cats & ponies, plus the occasional dog to look after. My animals have always contributed considerably towards my own wellbeing & happiness;  like many of you reading this who own pets yourself, you'll understand when I say that my animals have always been there for me, ready to greet me (or shout "Where's my dinner?!"), a shoulder to cry on when life wasn't going well, & always present through good times & bad
As I got older and saw the world changing, things started to stir in me that it was high time I did something for the animals who did so much me.  I spent several very happy years as a volunteer with the national cat charity, Cats Protection, mucking out, grooming, even taking a cat for a walk on one occasion. 

But something else was stirring within me, a growing thinking that all was far from right with the relationship between animals & humans; yes, there have always been problems, but this was more widespread & deeper rooted.

A turning point was five minutes of the most touching TV I've ever seen in my life.  It was one of the pet rescue programmes - and the half hour had given some time to an elderly gentleman who was going into a home.  His one loving companion - a collie, as I recall - was not able to go with him.  The dog was all this man had, his only friend, and loyal companion, and link with times past.  They had five minutes to say goodbye for good.  Five minutes, after all those years of loving loyalty & companionship.  Quiet tears rolled down the old man's face, as he stroked his best friend, his true friend, for the final few minutes they had together.  The dog sat quietly by his master's side, patient & loyal to the last until an animal welfare officer took him away.

This moment stayed with me but I didn't do anything about it until a few years later when I found out about theSociety for Companion Animal Studiesand at about the same time discovered the Cinnamon Trust.  SCAS were doing a day with Age Concern about the bond between the elderly & their pets.  I went and heard the amazing Mrs Averil Jarvis from the Cinnamon Trust talk about the work her charity does to help uphold the bond between the elderly and their pets.  Since that day, I've tried to make people aware of the amazing work the Cinnamon Trust does.

At the same time, I became a life coach & was writing books and was taking an increasing interest in nature, conservation, the animal kingdom & wildlife.  I am no expert - but it was becoming increasingly clear that there is a growing divide between many people and animals - and there seems to me to be an increasingly large proportion of people who are quite happy to put their own needs, wants & interests over & above the welfare of the planet, plant, human and animal life.  The phrase from Einstein "about technology exceeding our humanity" struck a chord. 

Why this site?

As we all face increasing battles for the resources on this planet - most noticibly water, and land space - my fear is that animals will lose out.  They need all the supporters they can get.  So I've put this site together, in the hope that you will find it easier to locate animal charities you can help, animals you can connect to and feel a sense of compassion for which translates into taking action, and that we can find a way for animals & humans both to live in better harmony & respect than perhaps exists at the moment. 

Let me introduce you to the other members of the family...


Trouble is the inspiration behind my web sites.  He was such an amazing cat, always wanting to know what we were doing and joining in anything we did.  He was a cat with attitude, & expected high standards of service at all times (why go through a cat flap when you could have a door opened for you?)  He was with us until he was about 22, and brought untold pleasure, love & joy to my husband and I, and all who came to stay with us.  He loved climbing the tree in the garden, enjoyed a bit of chicken, relished a game with a piece of string & always welcomed a good brush.
Chico Chico lives in Spain and he's my sister's dog.  He's very much a "Do it" dog, and loves networking with the rottweilers down the road (who don't partiuclarly welcome his approaches & reaching out for friendship).  He was a stray and he just arrived at my sister's one day, too frightened to go near anyone human for 6 weeks.  Now he's settled down well and loves life to the full.  He's really landed on his paws.  If you're ever in the Malaga area in southern Spain, do stop by PAD, an animal charity there who do wonderful work for cats & dogs and see if you can lend a paw for the morning. 

Here's to all our wellbeing & happiness, animal & human