Emergency planning for pets, livestock and zoos


Have you prepared the animals in your care for disasters? 

What would you do about your animals in the event of fire, flooding, earthquakes, war etc?

These organisations have information about ways to help prepare yourself & your animals.  Wherever you are in the world, they can be helpful, whether the advice is coming from the US, Australia, the UK - wherever.  Be prepared, and don't wait for disaster to strike before you consider what to do.  Remember, you may literally have just a few minutes to get yourselves and your animals out.

The Americans have a National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day (in May each year).  It could be worth using that day - or today/tomorow - to consider how well you are prepared for any disaster.  Hopefully the following links will give you useful tips & advice on how to be prepared for disasters so that your pets, livestock & wildlife will survive and continue to thrive.  We will continue to add to these links


Pet Disaster Packing Checklist - this is from Coastal Pet Rescue in the US, with a very useful list of what to have ready plus more helpful evacuation tips

There's plans for evacuating cats (domestic, not wild) at Cat World (Australia)

The AVMA has info for vets and their practices

Advice on how to care for pets during and after earthquakescan be found at Ark Animals on California Earthquakes & Pet Preparedness Tips

In the UK, the RSPCA has info on what to do in the event of flooding


For wildlifes which are becoming more frequent, you'll find info on evacuation planning horses at The Horse

The Humane Society has information on disaster preparedness here for pets, horses and livestock, including how to make a pet  disaster kit, as does Colorado State University for horses in the event of wildfires.  Again, many have tips which are as relevant to farmers and smallholders outside of the US as in them.    Find what is helpful and relevant to you from the recommendations. 


The Zoo Animal Health Network has put guidelines and a road map together for zoos and wildlife facilities.  There's an article on What Zoos do to prepare for natural disasters from VetStreet.com

It goes without saying that laws will differ from one part of the world to another. However, the basic stuff you need to do to be ready to care for your animals is the same.  Be ready.