Wildlife Conservation of endandered species, from African animals to polar bears and pandas


The most important thing we can do to help wildlife is to provide conditions in which they can live and thrive - and this means making sure they have the right habitat and sufficient of it.

It is vital to protect wildlife's habitat.  If you protect the habitat a Sumatran tiger needs for instance you are also protecting the habitat of all creatures great and small living there.  Choose to protect the habitat of one animal, and you will be helping millions of others.

We will be adding more info & more charites below but in the meantime, here are wildlife charities for you to explore & help and there are far more here which relate to specific endangered species.  Clearly, this list is not exhaustive by any means - if you would like your charity to be added, please contact Sally

More than one species

Endangered Species International   

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust   works globally with its mission to save species from extinction with a worldwide reputation for its pioneering conservation techniques.  It has a network of projects and staff in some of the world’s key biodiversity areas and it has been running unique courses in good conservation practice since 1978 to conservation practitioners worldwide.

NATUCATE: Internships abroad and volunteering in nature and wildlifeconservation. Click here for more info


Born Free Foundation - involved in elephants (African & Asian), giraffes, bears, primates, big cats, marine animals, wolves, hippos, African wild dogs  

Animal Defenders International  

Aspinall Foundation   

San Wild - a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa

Fauna & Flora has a list of the species it is currently working to help here which include the jaguar, the lansan tree, the great green macaw, turtles, sharks, big cats, reptiles, bears, wolves & more

World Land Trust works to conserve wildlife habitats, so vital to endangered speices' survival and they have a number of conservation projects around the world

TRAFFIC, is the wildlife trade monitoring network. It works to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature.

The International Otter Survival Fund - dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters.   Join an IOSF trip on the Isle of Skye to learn about and watch out for otters - click here for more information.