Relief Charities


Charities responding to disaster

Disaster strikes and animal charities and anyone involved in animals will be in action lending a paw where they can.  During Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of people flew to the affected areas to help with caring for the animals affected by the flooding. 

Disaster hits, and both people and animals suffer. As we've seen, the news often focuses solely on humans with the occasional story on how animals are affected by disasters. So what help is out there for animals in such dreadful predicaments? These organisations strive to help them.

World Animal Protection  Find out what the WAP does to help animals in disaster areas and how you can help.  Find out how animals affected by disasters such as flooding and earthquakes with the Animals in Disasters blog.  You may also want to read the WSPA's Why Animals Mattter in a Disaster and you can make a donation to help

IFAW The IFAW has been fast to respond to emergencies involving animals, and it strives to improve standards for emergency relief. Check out too the IFAW's site on its relief networks

Noah's Wish This amazing US charity works to help animals in disaster areas.

If you have animals, please always ensure that you are well prepared for any disaster. Better to plan ahead for the safe keeping of your animals than to have to deal with the consequences of failing to plan ahead. 

Be prepared