Give the gift of water and help animals


Animals need water to drink.  Wildlife have to find water to drink;  our pets are dependent on us to provide them with daily fresh water - and farm animals need it as well.  Too many animals suffer or die because of a lack of water or no water.   Here are three ways you can help animals by simple actions


Give a Charity Water Gift

Charities such as The Brooke and SPANA are working to ensure that hard-working animals such as horses, donkeys, mules and camels have access to water to drink.  Many of these animals are in countries where temperatures are over 40%;  they often work for 12 hours a day with little or no shade, or rest, carrying loads which are well over the weight they should be.

As well as helping owners with veterinary care as needed, they educate them in how to care for their animals to prevent problems occuring in future.

You can help support the work both The Brooke and SPANA do by supporting their efforts to get water to these animals. 

Drinks to Go from The Brooke
Give hard-working horses, donkeys and mules a virtual gift - this could be a meaningful gift for anyone who loves horses & donkeys

Give wildlife access to water

We have had a lot of pleasure from watching the birds taking water from our bird baths.  It's a great way to see who is visiting the garden - robins, blackbirds, sparrows, swifts in our case - and it's lovely to see them swoop down, take a drink and and a look round.  Remember to top the bird baths up and clean them regularly.   The RSPB has simple, helpful information on how to create a bird bath.  

How do birds cool down when it's hot, from the RSPB's website

Bird Baths Buying Guide, from the RSPB Shop (online)

Wildlife World Echoes Bird Bath
Wildlife World Echoes Bird Bath
from Ethical Superstore

You can also get something decorative which is nice for the garden and great for the birds - this is one picture right is from Thompson & Morgan

Create a pond

Another thing you can do if you have the space for it is to create a pond to support wildlife. The number of ponds plummeted a fews ago, and there have been some considerable efforts to encourage people to create ponds in their gardens.  

Whatever you do, please make sure wildlife can climb out of any pond or bird bath, so that they don't drown.

Kingfisher Polyresin Garden Bird Bath
This Kingfisher Polyresin Garden Bird Bath is available from Thompson & Morgan

Reduce your use of plastic and wet wipes

Think about what you use and where it is going to end up.   Our oceans are swimming with plastic - which all too often ends up in the digestive systems of animals living there.  The more we can help clean up our planet, our seas and beachers, the better quality water our animals will have to live in.   The Marine Conservation Society has lots of advice on how you can help 

Think before you use water

Water is becoming scarcer.   Think before you use it.  Take steps to save it.  For instance shower using water sparingly rather than taking a bath.  Don't waste it.