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Thank you for coming to visit.  Animals have never needed help so much, nor the people running groups & charities, organisations, sanctuaries & rescue centres to care for them.  Our wildlife need us to protect their habitats - protect their habitat, and you to help.

While you're having a drink in the pub or going to work, your gift to a charity or loved one could be helping animals on the other side of the world - or 5 miles away.

Today, 3 March 2020, is World Wildlife Day and here's a message from the UN:

And here's the link to The Lion's Share, which is mentioned in the video


STOP Shooting Endangered Black Rhinos

No matter how much time each of us has, there will be something we can do to help.  Taking one action is better than taking no action and if we add up all the one action each of us take, that's a lot of action.

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