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Thank you for coming to visit.  Animals have never needed help so much, nor the people running groups & charities, organisations, sanctuaries & rescue centres to care for them.  Our wildlife need us to protect their habitats - protect their habitat, and you to help.    No matter how much time each of us has, there will be something we can do to help.  Taking one action is better than taking no action and if we add up all the one action each of us take, that's a lot of action.

Please give donkeys your voice!

Please help save donkeys from cruelty! says:  "Millions of donkeys are being slaughtered so their gelatin can be used in cosmetic products and fake health supplements.
eBay has banned the sale of donkey gelatin, but Amazon continues to sell it.

Please tell Amazon to help stop the cruel treatment of donkeys."

In memory of PD Zyla, 
a very special girl who gave her life in the line of duty on the 3rd July 2024.
In memory of Police Dog Zyla.  RIP, darling xx
The Thin Paw Line Foundation, who help support working and retired police dogs, 
have an appeal set up in Zyla's memory.
RIP Zyla, thank you for your service.
All our thoughts are with you, your handler and their family,
and everyone at Leicestershire Police.

Find out what's going on and awareness days for 2024 here

Gaza/Israeli War

Network for Animals say that starving horses and donkeys in Gaza urgently need our help now.  Find out more and donate here.

Get to net zero!

The Wildlife Trusts have put a three point plan together to help you get to net zero! Find out more here

Get involved with nature

Do great things for nature where you live - the RSPB has more info on how you can get involved wiith nature on your doorstep  Find out more

Charities to help in Ukraine

The scenes from Ukraine are heartbreaking but there are a number of charities working hard to help - find out more here


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