Help rescue a horse by helping horse sanctuaries and horse rescue centres


The recession has seen difficult times in the animal world, and nowhere more so than the horse world. Charities have been inundated with horses and ponies being given over for re-homing and rescue, while many other less fortunate animals have been abandoned.  The worst case scenario has led to many horses and ponies being put down.

So if you're thinking of taking on a pony or horse, please think about rehoming a horse - there are lots of horses for adoption. 

Many horse sanctuaries & horse rescue centres run re-homing schemes or loan schemes, e.g. The World Horse Welfare have a Rehoming a Horse scheme.

The World Horse Welfare charity (previously the International League for the Protection of Horses) lists a number of roles their horses and ponies could fulfil as fosterers, which helps you look for the right horse or pony, and these roles are listed here (as quoted from their website)..

  • Companion - Strictly non-ridden
  • Youngster - To be handled regularly until ready to come back into a World Horse Welfare Centre to be backed.
  • Lead Rein - Suitable for use only on a lead rein
  • First Pony - Suitable for a child on or just off the lead rein.
  • Second Pony - Suitable for a more experienced child, may be more forward-going.
  • Hack - Only suitable for hacking.
  • Pleasure competition - For novice to intermediate riding club type competition.
  • Competition - Advanced riding club type and affiliated competition.
  • Ride & Drive - Suitable for both ridden and driven work. 

As with any animal, horses are unpredictable. A new environment can change their character or cause their behaviour to change as they settle into a new home

A vet from The Brooke treats a horse in Egypt
Photo copyright to Dan Abrahams

Here are just a few horse charities, with a local reach in the UK or one that goes further afield... They all need help, and you don't need to know one end of the horse from another to make a difference to horses.  Many of these listed below are dedicated to preserving and protecting native breeds, such as the Dartmoor Pony & the Fell Pony.  They all need support & help in one way or another.

To help find a charity which rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes retired racehorses, click here