Help wildlife - Create a Pond


Gardens are vital to wildlife, and it's amazing what you can do to help animals from home.  They need all the help they can get.  

If you're thinking of creating a pond for wildlife, Froglife have a Just Add Water PDF which you can download.  

Ponds for wildlife don't have to be large.  You can put out a lid with water in it.  If you do create a pond, you need to be sure that wilidlife have a way of climbing out of it so include a sort of wooden or stone ramp. The RHS says to clad the ramp with chicken wire to provide good grip.   It also says that stone troughs, old sinks or baths and large, glazed or plastic pots are suitable, but you need to plug drainage holes.

Here's a short, helpful video from the RSPB on how to create a mini pond.  The RSPB says it will help frogs, toads & newts, dragonflies & damselflies, bats, birds and pond creatures.  And you can put this sort of pond in a large or small garden.  



Visit the RSPB for more info on creating a pond.  There's a step by step guide of how to do it, plus what you'll need to create your pond.  

They also have information on how to create a bird bath.