Lifestyle Choices



There's lots that can be done to help animals and wildlife in particular through making the right choices on a day to day basis.  

What I mean is that every day, the way we live affects wildlife.  We can choose to go vegetarian or vegan all the time or two or three times a week or once a month.   We can choose to grow wildlife friendly flowers in our gardens.  We can choose to shower instead of taking a bath and reduce our demand on the water supplies.  We can buy palm oil free products and reduce our need to cut down forests and so destroy the homes of the animals living there such as the orangutan.  

This page will give you some ideas as to choices you can make which will help us buy and live with the consequences for wildlife in mind. 

Go vegetarian or vegan!

The Vegetarian Society has lots of ideas and help for anyone thinking of switching totally to vegetarian food or giving it a go gradually.  They even have tips for students!

Try bamboo toothbrushes

Reduce our use of plastic

Anything we can do to eradicate plastic has got to be good!  It isn't easy - but every step we can all take has got to be one in the right direction.  Try bamboo toothbrushes for instance - I use them all the time now and I LOVE them!  Find out why I'd buy bamboo toothbrushes again

Do we REALLY need it?

Before we buy something, we can paws for thought and dig for the real reason we're thinking of buying it..... do we REALLY need the item we are about to buy?  What is the real reason we're buying something?  And if we really do need it - well, can we do with half of it?  Paws for thought and question what you're buying and why you're really buying it.... you may find you don't need it after all which will a) save you money and b) could reduce our demands on the planet.

Look for the real reason you're thinking of buying something - do you really need it?

There are a number of apps charities have which we can all use to make informed choices about the products we buy.  For instance, the Marine Conservation Society has an app to help us buy sustainable fish.  Find out more

You'd be absolutely amazed at the number of products which contain palm oil.  To get the palm oil, many companies destroy forest - the homes for orangutans, the Sumatran tiger and millions of others.  However, more companies are using sustainable palm oil or no palm oil at all - awareness is growing about the destruction our demand for palm oil is causing.  Find out more