Virtual Gifts


Virtual gifts enable your gift to help animals and there are plenty to choose from.  They are great for animal lovers and people who have everything.  As Christmas gifts, many could make great stocking fillers or even Secret Santas for the animal lover at work.  Here are some virtual gift ideas - keep coming back to see new ideas!

 There are more virtual gifts to help animals here  e.g. a bale of hay, a Spa day for a bear, feed a rescued orangutan for a month etc

Help Free the Bears help bears with a bear gift! Give a bear a hammock
Free the Bears have a range of gifts you can send a bear, from bear cub kit, or a pot of honey to a hammock for a bear or even a climbing frame!   Free the Bears have helpd moon, sun and sloth bears for 25 years and they continue to help protect wild bears and care for rescued bears in their bear sanctuaries.  Help them give bears the bear necessities of life!   Find out more here
 The Woodland Trust has a number of gifts, including a Hedge Fund
Gifts for UK wildlife lovers from the Woodland Trust
You can give a Hedge Fund, grow a tree house, keep blue bells coming, plant a tree, dedicate a tree, give a bug a home and keep bluebells blooming!  Click here to go to the Woodland Trust's shop
Help bugs with your virtual gift Help bugs with your virtual gift
Adopt a m2 of B-Lines wildflower meadow today, and  help Buglife to continue their important conservation work, for the benefit of invertebrates and our future generations.  Fly away to Buglife
Protect a toad, a frog or a snake

Protect a toad, sponsor a snake, sponsor a lizard or a pond or a newt
Support Froglife's conservation efforts to help reptiles and amphibians.  Froglife is committed to conserving frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards and saving their habitats.  Click here to hop off to Froglife

SPANA helps care for working animals in many countries

Help working animals with your virtual gift  
SPANA works to help working animals in a number of different countries around the world.  As well as treating these animals on the road from mobile veterinary clinics, their vets educate and train owners and young people how to care for them. They have a range of Gifts for Health and Happiness for the animals, including a Thirsty Work Gift, a Fill Our Medicine Cabinet Gift, a Lifesaving Surgery Gift and more!  Click here to trot off to SPANA's online shop. 

Send a gift to a rescued bear Send a gift to a rescued bear
Help Animals Asia work to help their bear bile farm survivors make up for lost time, by sending a virtual gift to help fill their lives with fun, happiness and tasty treats. Your gift could build a bear nest, give a Christmas hamper, give a strawberry jam, send a pool party, help fix a bear's broken teeth - there are lots more available!  Click here to go to Animals Asia