Penguin Conservation Charities


The 25 April 2020 is World Penguin Day so a great chance to waddle off to penguin charities to find out what they are all doing to help penguins!

In the UK:

In South Africa

  • SANCCOB - the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB)

 In Australia

  • Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect and enhance Phillip Island's natural environment through research, conservation and education programs. 
  • Chuffed have an appeal to protect a small colony from attacks

In New Zealand

In the US

  • Birdlife works with fisherman to stop penguins being caught in their nets;  it lobbies governments to create Marine Protected Areas and it helps to establish new penguin colonies, bringing them closer to abundant fish soures.
  • Galapagos Conservancy working to preserve, protect and restore the Galapagos Islands 
  • Global Penguin Society (also based in Argentina) - dedicated to the survival and protection of the world´s penguin species, fostering integrated ocean conservation through science, management and community education.
  • IFAW runs the Penguin Network Project. The project now involves 8 wildlife organisations that help with cleaning up and ‘banding’ birds so their post-release movements can be monitored.
  • WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has worked with Magellanic Penguins since 1982
  • Pew Trusts - one of their projects is Protecting Antartica's Southern Ocean
  • Defenders of Wildlife - help them fight to protect wildlife