Pets & charities to help pets

There are many pets chariites here are just a few. Depending on the size of the pets animals charities, they may be local set-ups, or have a large national or regional spread. Cats Protection for instance has just under 30 adoption centres in the UK, plus branches run by volunteers who fund-raise, rescue cats, foster cats, raise awareness of Cats Protection etc; plus they have a network of charity shops. On the other hand, another cat charity may simply help rescuing cats in their town or even village, taking strays & lost cats in, trying to find their owners and then a new home 

To help with pet rescue 

  • Rescue or foster, please don't breed or buy
  • Discuss neutering your pet with your vet. Some 75% of the cats & dogs in this world are strays.
  • Microchip your pet - this makes an owner easy to identify & saves a lot of people time and animals stress
  • Insure your pet - it is amazing how many animals are put down or given over to animals charities due to vets' costs. Animal Friends give all their net profits to animals charities (pets & wildlife) worldwide - so by insuring your pet with them, you can help animals too. (Plus they cover pets all ages) I insured our dog through them - they have a great range of options to suit your budget
  • Do your research before you go for pet ownership - costs, commitments, holiday cover, longevity of your pet's life, potential allergies you have, whether you have suitable living accommodation for your pet, reasons for having him or her. And consult with everyone in your home - they will all be involved in pet care
  • Be willing to consider an older pet - every pet deserves a loving, caring home, however old they are
  • Run through "what would happen if...." scenarios e.g. you were made redundant, lost your home, went into hospital, died...
  • PLEASE... don't give pets as presents. Animal charities are overwhelmed after Christmas and Easter with animals families no longer want...
  • Train your dog & pick up his poop - both actions will endear your dog to the public
  • Tell people about organisations such as the Cinnamon Trust who have a database of care homes that take pets in the UK plus a national base of volunteers who help with pet care for elderly people & the terminally ill

If you have moved from the UK to another country, please make sure your pet has an up to date pet passport or have a contingency plan that would mean you know what you'd do with your pet if you ever had to move back.

Circumstances can change, and animal charities have received a lot of pets whose owners have had to return to the UK thanks to this current economic crisis or for other reasons, but lack the time scale or funds needed to put their pet through the necessary arrangements. The UK Government has information for pet owners with regards to - dare I mention it - Brexit...