Coronavirus: Smaller animal charities and non-charities needing help



Support your local rescue!

There are some amazing online resources available now.  One was founded in response to the COVID-19 virus to help you help animals in your local area: the One Voice for Animals UK Appeal

It has a database of the smaller UK Wildlife and domestic animal rescue centres (charities and non-charities) who have been badly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.  You can find rescues in your county and see how you can help by visiting their website or Facebook page.

There will be plenty we can all do to support local rescues.  Many will have a wish list, need urgent donations and some will have a wish list.  You can help too by spreading the word about these needs and getting more supporters on board.

This is a really difficult time for animal charities.  Normal fundraising activities have been cancelled, volunteers can’t visit to help (though this may be changing) and re-homing has come to a stop.  Many charities are dealing with wildlife casualties and abandoned animals.  Too many are in danger of closing their doors permanently.

Dig to find a charity needing help in your region
Find a local animal charity/non-charity you can help

So there are five steps to take:

  1. Hop off to One Voice for Animals UK Appeal
  2. Search in your own region for the charities listed
  3. Pick rescues of interest
  4. Visit their websites and/or Facebook pages and see what you can do to help
  5. Spread the word

The rescues listed have told the directory founders that they are struggling because of COVID-19.  Find rescues that interest you, visit their sites and see what you can do to help. Donations could keep a rescue centre open and help save animals lives 

Visit their database and find a local charity you can help

Charities can join the database here

Small UK wildlife and domestic animal rescues and sanctuaries can join the database and also their sister Facebook group – a very useful source of practical help, fundraising tips and networking.

As we come out of lock-down, although Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK Appeal will probably lose the covid-19 bit, the need for help will be greater than ever as charities dig deep and work hard to help those they care for – the animals.


Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK Appeal and Animals Charities are not able to endorse any of these organisations and urges you to use your own judgement and due diligence when choosing who to donate to.