Knitting for Charity


There are lots of ways to help animals and to help the charities helping them.  One is to get your knitting needles out and buy some wool, and to get knitting!  This could be a great way to while away the winter months in front of the television, a hot drink to hand, knowing that as you sit in warmth and comfort, you're helping to give animals the chance to enjoy the same. 

Knit with purpose and help animals as you plain and pearl, cast on and off, work your way through patterns and produce your own knitted goodies... 

So here are some animal charities you can do some volunteer knitting for...  As always, we'll keep adding as we find new ideas! 

 Help donkeys as you knit The Donkey Sanctuary needs you to get knitting..... 

Woolley and his adorable knitted donkey friends are knitted by supporters and then sold in the visitors’ centre and online giftshop to raise funds to support the charity.   Dorothy Harrison, pictured left, has knitted her 100th Woolley donkey!  Click here to trot over to the Donkey Sanctuary's website

 Knit for Vet Kits to help SPANA care for working animals Knit for Vet Kits help SPANA care for working animals.  The free Big Knit for Vet Kit fundraising pack has patterns for Duncan the donkey, Hattie the horse, Oscar the ox and Emma the elephant, and you can also crochet Clarence the camel.  It also has a sponsorship form, and donation envelope; so all you need to do is get your knitting needles out and select your wool. Click here to trot off for more information
Many Tears Animal Rescue need your help and knitting Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales need your help and knitting.  Your knitting can help keep their dogs extra warm in winter.  They also sell coats and ohter knitted items in their second-hand shop and at events to help raise funds. Crochet items are also gratefully received but not crochet coats or blankets - dogs tend to get their claws caught in them.  
Help the animals at the Willow Animal Sanctuary

The Willow Animal Sanctuary in Scotland are asking people who love knitting to help them!  They look after over 450 animals including over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys, plus cats and dogs and many reptiles as well as over 200 farm animals and birds.  Simply download their 'Marmalade' pattern - (or use your own if you prefer) and then get knitting!  Please use acrylic rather than wool, if you can. 

Join the Battersea Knitting Kittens Club Join the Battersea Knitting Kittens Club at the London Cattery.   This event takes place every month for novice and experienced knitters who love cats and kittens!  if you can't make the event, you can still help knit for cats.  Miaow for now!  Click here to pounce on the Battersea website
Knit for the Romney House Cat Rescue Knit for the Romney House Cat Rescue in Downe, Kent.   The knitted blankets, bedding and toys are always needed and appreciated by the cats there.  Many cats and kittens take them off to their new homes as comforters while they settle in.  Click here to find out more.  
In the USA, you could look at the Snuggles Project, which ensures win-win-wins for animals, shelters and knitters!   Click here to find out more.
20 to Knit:  Pocket Pets

If you're after some ideas of animals to knit, take a look at  They have a number of books you can buy with ideas of things you can knit - including this Twenty To Knit:  Pocket Pets, Knitted Birds, Knit your own dog, Knitted Farmyard, Knitted Rabbits and Knitted Animal Friends.   Many are on offer, too.  Hop to here