Save used stamps for animal charities

Start saving those stamps and printing cartridges today and put them to good use to help animals! 
When you post your stamps to animal charities, please ensure that you put the correct amount of postage on the envelope, because charities cannot afford to pay to retrieve them from sorting offices.  Thank you.
Manx Wild Bird Aid
Manx Wild Bird Aid is a registered charity (No. 1228) on the Isle of Man that rehabilitates sick, injured or orphaned wild birds and returns them to the wild.   Find out more here 
Many Tears Animal Rescue rehome dogs across the UK. Their website says, "It's Tillie the Terror Dachshund and Twiggy the ever Shirking Dachshund (Lily's Lotto's little helpers) We are now branching out and have gone into the busness of Philately (that to you and me is Stamp Collecting!). We are also collection old car tax discs and postcards."  Find out more here
The PDSA need all sorts of goods, including stamps, to help care for pets whose owners cannot afford vet care. (There are eligibility requirements.)  Find out more and the address for your stamps here.

Canine Partners
Canine Partners 
 transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogsThey also have a used stamp appeal - find out more here.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Help hedgehogs with your stamps!  Find out more here.  (They also need 
Working Mobile Phones Foreign/pre-decimal coins and notes Unwanted or broken gold or silver (eg single earrings, broken chains, etc) New goods for Raffles, etc Surplus packs of seeds (unopened and in date)

The Barn Owl Trust 
The Barn Owl Trust has a very good page of things you can give them which don't cost money - and used stamps is one of them!   Find out more here
Other ways to help animal charities by recycling

This is a free,easy to use ink recycling programme helping its members raise funds for charity and non-profit organisations.  Laser and toner cartridges are not included in the programme but you can find out about recycling these hereHere's their Facebook page
Printer Cartridge Recycling
You can also send your cartridges here - they have a number of animal charities taking part.  Find out more. 
The Recycling Factory
Also has a number of animal charities you can help by sending your inkjet cartridges here.  For more information click here
You can always donate unwanted goods to charity shops who can re-sell them to raise funds (so long as the quality is acceptable, please don't dump rubbish on them!) - the Charity Retail Association has a search facility to help you find charities with shops in your area and online!  
Yeo Valley Yokens
If you love Yeo Valley products (e.g. milk, yoghurt, cheese, so this isn't one for vegans), then you may know that there's a special code on nearly every pack of Yeo Valley.   You can redeem that code online for Yeokens and spend those on goodies, discounts and days out, or play games with them.  However you can also donate them to one of three charities - these change every quarter and the charity getting the most Yeokens gets £1,500. The other two I think get £1,000.  I do this as a way to donate my Yeokens to animal charites.  Register with Yeo Valley Yeokens here (it's free and easy to do).