Save used stamps for animal charities

Start saving those stamps today, putting them in a used (clean) jar or envelope close to where you open your post for convenience. 
When you post your stamps to animal charities, please ensure that you put the correct amount of postage on the envelope, because charities cannot afford to pay to retrieve them from sorting offices.  Thank you.

Manx Wild Bird Aid
Manx Wild Bird Aid is a registered charity (No. 1228) on the Isle of Man that rehabilitates sick, injured or orphaned wild birds and returns them to the wild. 
 Find out more here

Save the Albatrosses 
The RSPB needs all types of stamps 
for their Save the Albatross campaign – whether they are used or un-used, UK, foreign or even first day covers
Animal SOS Sri Lanka 
Animal SOS Sri Lanka is a UK registered charity who recycle used stamps which goes some way to funding their vital work with the stray animals in Sri Lanka. 
Animal SOS Sri Lanka own a 4-acre plot in south Sri Lanka which is an emergency veterinary clinic to treat sick and injured stray animals and a safe-haven for the vulnerable and abused. Any funding enables them to save the lives of many otherwise doomed animals, providing high standards of veterinary care inclding blood screening and postoperative care after sterilisation - which is vital to ensure the survival of the animals. Send your stamps to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, 64 Fair Acres, Prestwood, Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 0LE or email 
[email protected]. The charity also collects postcards and foreign notes & coins, out of date UK coinage, inkjet cartridges and mobile phones. Click here to visit Animal SOS Sri Lanka
Small Animal and Rodent Rescue
SARR (Small Animal & Rodent Rescue) is also based in Guernsey - click here to visit their Facebook page .  Small Animal & Rodent Rescue aims to help as many animals as is possible, originally starting out with the smallest animals such as hamsters and mice,and now helping rabbits as well.  Please send your stamps to SARR - Small Animal and Rodent Rescue, C/O Zoe Chick. Belgravia, 16 Clos De Carteret, Cobo, Castel, Guernsey GY5 7UU. 

Nowzad Dogs
This charity helps and rescues dogs in Afghanistan who have no-one else to care for them. Its story is amazing. Send your stamps to Nowzad Dogs 

Bransby Home of Rest
The home currently has over 400 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys & mules in its care. Send used postage stamps to the Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare  

This charity helps helps & protects hedgehogs native to the UK.  It gives advice to the public about the care of hedgehogs care, especially when injured, sick, treated cruelly or orphaned, and encourages children to respect natural wildlife. Check out Spike the hedgehog's letter from the Kids' page.  (He points out that hedgehogs happily gobble garden slugs up, so if you have a slug problem, Spike says you should encourage hedgehogs.  The Society funds research into behaviour habits of hedgehogs to determine the best way to help them survive, and it has a helpline to advise on caring for hedgehods & encouraging them in the wild & in your garden.  Find out where to send your stamps here 

Around 10,000 greyhounds retire from racing annually, and many people are surprised to learn that greyhyounds after a very energetici life, either.  They are happy with a couple of short walks a day, followed by a nap on the sofa.  They are short haired, so don't need much grooming, and tend to be very placid, so make good pets for children. And they can and do make friends with cats, so if you've got a cat and are thinking of re-homing a retired greyhound... The Trust has over 70 branches around the UK so there's plenty of opportunity for you to get involved & lend a paw, or even take on a greyhound. The charity has a Used Stamp Appeal so you can get active at home & help save stamps for charity You can send your used stamps to the Retired Greyhound Trust, 2nd Floor, Park House, 1-4 Park Terrace, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7 JZ. So get collecting those stamps! And take a look at their site to see how else you could help a retired greyhound or two...
The PDSA helps care for sick and injured animals of owners in need.   Please find out more about where to send your stamps here and help a vet help a pet!