Kabul Small Animal Rescue


The Kabul Small Animal Rescue in Afghanistan

The Kabul Small Animal Rescue is a veterinary clinic and animal rescue.   They achieved an amazing feat in late January/1st February this year - they got 158 dogs and 146 out of Kabul and to Vancouver! 

Huge thanks to everyone who was with them on the journey and those who supported them along the way from Kabul through Turkey, Iceland and onwards to Vancouver.  Huge thanks to everyone on the ground there, airport staff, crews, air traffic control, those who cared for the animals whilst they were on the aircraft and on the ground between stops.  A huge thank you to the charities in Canada and the US for helping these deserving animals.  And of course, a very special thank you to Charlotte and the team in Kabul, and those in Canada and the US giving these animals a new life and home.  You are all just amazing!


And for everyone in Kabul working to look after the animals there,
please keep safe. Thinking of you.  xxxxxx

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Watch the videos on the Kabul Small Animal Rescue's Facebook page

Kabul Small Animal Rescue are still in Kabul - please go to their Facebook page for updates and also to show your support.  Watch the videos there!   Charlotte and her team have risked their lives for these animals and I am in awe of their incredible courage and devotion, strength and care.  There have been so many people and charities involved in this and it just shows what can be done when people pull together and work towards a goal for the good of others.  Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks also to those who flew the aircraft - thank you for your skill, pilots and those on the ground - and everyone involved in seeing the aircraft in, on the ground and then into the air.  

Please visit the Kabul Small Animal Rescue Facebook page for updates - it will show you how to donate to this absolutely incredible organisation!  Please be a part of this journey - it is just incredible and shows what courage Charlotte and her team and everyone involved have.  There are still animals arriving needing help in Kabul and we can all help in one way or another.

SPCA International are handling adoptions, along with the RainCoast Dog Rescue Society.   No Dogs Left BehindWar Paws, Marley’s Mutts, Thank Dog I Am Out were also involved in this amazing rescue.  A huge thank you to everyone for all you've done for the cats and dogs - you're just incredible!

Planeload of abandoned dogs and cats from Afghanistan arrive in Vancouver, CBC News


Donate here to Support KSAR Ongoing Operations

They are still taking animals in, in Kabul.

158 dogs, 146 cats and an 86-tonne aircraft:
Afghanistan rescue animals fly to safety

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the
staff and animals in Afghanistan.  
Please keep safe.  
Thank you for all you've done and do to look after the animals and care for them all