Kabul Small Animal Rescue



The Kabul Small Animal Rescue in Afghanistan

The Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) is a veterinary clinic and animal rescue based in Kabul, Afghanistan.   In 2022, KSAR managed to get 286 dogs and cats out to Canada to begin new lives there. And they are about to repeat the exercise, sending dogs and cats to North America again.  

KSAR All Paws Airlift 2024 - 17th June 2024 and ongoing...

What an incredible achievement to get 194 and 100 cats from Kabul to the USA and off to new lives!  Well done, everyone!  It was amazing to see a car park at Pender Pet Rescue (and a huge thank you to them for their very important role in all of this) with all 294 cats and dogs in foster, in their new homes or safely in rescue around the USA and Canada.  What an effort - so many people involved and supporting from so many countries - it really shows what people can do for animals when they pull together.    Check the Facebook page for updates, help still needed and news!

20 June 2024:  THEY STILL NEED FUNDS! 

After landing in the US, the onward transport was complicated - cats and dogs went to all parts of the US and even Canada.   Volunteers kindly did a lot of the transport, but there are still flights to pay for, especially to get animals out to the West Coast.   Please help with the West Coast Transport Fundraiser! 

A special appeal for MissionK9 in Houston, Texas, who help retired military working dogs - their mission is to help Military Working Dogs, Contract Working Dogs, and other Dogs who Serve  - they have taken a number of the working dogs from Kabul for the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, and they had a very long drive to pick them up from Washington DC.  If you can make a donation to help them with their costs, please do. At a time when many are thinking of the D-Day landings, this could be a way to acknowledge and thank all those dogs and other animals who served in World War Two.  You can donate to Mission K9 on their website.  Thank you.  

Meantime, as you'll see from KSAR's Facebook page, the team in Kabul are very busy as they continue to care for animals coming in who need help.  Visit to find out more here.

KSAR All Paws Airlift 2024 - 5th June 2024

The dogs have been cleared for release so it's all hands very busy to get the dogs moving out.  Thank you, thank you to the rescues and fosters and adopters taking them - you are amazing - and our thoughts are with you all as the dogs and cats and you head home.  There's a list of rescues on KSAR's Facebook page on a post from the 27th May at 22:52 but the animals are headed to the South and Eastern Seabord, the Mid-West, Oregon, Washington State, California, and Vancouver, as well as in the north east.  Travel safely!  A huge thank you to everyone at Pender for all the incredible work you're doing to make this happen, and of course our thoughts are very much also with the KSAR staff back in Kabul.  

KSAR All Paws Airlift 2024 -  4th June 2024:

Well, the animals landed safely in Washington DC on 3rd June.  What a journey they've been on!  Fly off to KSAR's Facebook page to be a part of all the excitement!  Many people followed flight online, watching its progress as it went from Kabul to Poland to Washington DC.  On arrival, the animals were taken to Pender, where teams of vets got busy checking them out.  And there are rescues taking them on from all over the US - some of the animals have homes to go to already!   The good news is that the cats are now cleared for release by the CPC!

Check out KSAR's Facebook page to get involved and hear all the latest updates.  One of them is the Mission K9 Rescue in Texas, who rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate and repair K9 heroes.  If you can donate to them, please do.   

And there's a fundraiser to raise funds for the salaries of the incredible staff at the Kabul Small Animal Rescue - click here to find out all about it and donate.

Please donate here.

The rescue work will continue in Kabul

Back in Kabul, once the dogs and cats have left, the KSAR team will have more time and space and funds to do a number of things.  They will be able to improve the facilities for the animals who cannot leave on a flight but must stay with them.  They need new diagnostic equipment and facilities.  The rescue is working to improve animal welfare in Kabul and also the conditions of working dogs.  Currently, the Kabul centre is absolutely flowing with barks and miaows, so the utterly exhausted team need space and time. 

The flight with the 300 cats and dogs on board will give them the chance to do these things.


Wishing everyone a smooth flight and THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed - in whatever way - to this take-off and arrival and transfer in the USA.  There are some amazing people who have wanted to help and done their bit - it just shows what can be done when a group of determined people come together.   Godspeed!



There is a whole army of people working really hard to make this take off happen, from administrators on both sides of the Atlantic to deal with all the inevitable paperwork, veterinary teams to make sure everyone is vaccinated, blood tested, and fit to fly.   In North America, there is a huge effort underway to prepare for the arrival of these cats and dogs and their on-going transfer to their new lives.  There’s a lot to do:  networking, fundraising, securing adopters, fosters and rescue placements and transporters iwhen the cats and dogs land in the USA.   

There is tremendous goodwill on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world to make this happen, and no doubt there will be a lot of coffee and Red Bull being drunk, too, and tears being shed and hopes lifted. 

Everyone involved deserves the support of as many of us as possible.   While you and I cannot be on the flight with the animals themselves, we can go on the journey with them and everyone of being a part of making this move happen.  We can be with them in spirit, and we can give them our love, our support – and hopefully a donation.

Please spread the word about this airlift.  Get updates on their Facebook page here.   Follow them on Twitter here.   Check in with them on Instagram here.

Please donate if you can

Let's get those waggy tails and purring beauties off to a new life and help KSAR help more animals back in Kabul.  

Email KSAR at [email protected] for inquiries about adoptions, fostering, rescue placement, or offers to volunteer in any capacity.

And for everyone in Kabul working to look after the animals there,
please keep safe. THANK YOU for all you're doing. Thinking of you.  xxxxxx


Watch the videos on the Kabul Small Animal Rescue's Facebook page

Go to their Facebook page for updates and also to show your support.  Watch the videos there!   Charlotte and her team have risked their lives for these animals and I am in awe of their incredible courage and devotion, strength and care.  There have been so many people and charities involved in this and it just shows what can be done when people pull together and work towards a goal for the good of others.  Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks also to those who flew the aircraft - thank you for your skill, pilots and those on the ground - and everyone involved in seeing the aircraft in, on the ground and then into the air.  

Please visit the Kabul Small Animal Rescue Facebook page for updates - it will show you how to donate to this absolutely incredible organisation!  Please be a part of this journey - it is just incredible and shows what courage Charlotte and her team and everyone involved have.  There are still animals arriving needing help in Kabul and we can all help in one way or another.

And here's what they do (and I quote): 

"We provide routine care for owned animals as well as medical care and shelter to injured and orphaned street animals. We also find loving homes for homeless pets by providing adoption services both in Afghanistan and abroad. The majority of our patients and residents are dogs and cats, but we have also treated and provided sanctuary for livestock, birds, rabbits, and tortoises. Our full-service clinic is open and staffed by licensed veterinarians 24/7"


A huge thank you to everyone for all you've done for the cats and dogs - you're just incredible!

Please donate here for the Airlift 2024.  Together we can achieve lift off for these dogs and cats
and help KSAR help more animals back in Kabul!

This video still makes me cry - the plane taxiing from Kabul back on 31 January 2022. 
All those dogs and cats on board, flying out to new lives, thanks to the incredible courage and determination
of everyone at the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, and those involved in making in happen around the world, 
including the rescues waiting to welcome them.
Please help them make it happen again in 2024.

This is what it was like on board in the 2022 flight, thanks to the video from No Dogs Left Behind
who were on board to help with this incredible evacuation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the

staff and animals in Afghanistan.  
Please keep safe.  
Thank you for all you've done and do to look after the animals and care for them all