Rescue bears from captivity - charities lending a paw

April 2024:   Free the Bears have their Annual Fundraiser called A Night in a Cage - it's vital to help them raise funds to help rescue and care for bears in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.   Find out more about Free the Bears here and more about A Night in a Cage here.

Help rescued bears.   

There are lots of bears who need help – and this page concentrates on those bears who rescuring from a life of captivity.  Some have been rescued already and they need kind people like you and I to come forward and help sustain their care in the sanctuaries where they now live so that all their needs can be catered for. 

Many rescued bears cannot be released in the wild.  They are not used to looking after themselves and they do not have the skills and knowledge they need to survive.  Some are too badly injured or traumatised.  So they stay in a sanctuary where they can live out their days in safety, where they are cared for. 

These charities rescue bears from a life of captivity:

International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue is on a mission to help suffering bears in Armenia.   Beautiful brown bears are locked up in small, squalid cages, just surviving on scraps and filthy water.  In normal times, they are used as a tourist attraction – they are kept in restaurants, bus depots and factories.   They frantically seek an escape route, pacing to and fro and banging their heads against the bars.  Find out more here

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Malaysia promotes sun bear conservation, through animal welfare, conservation, rehabilitation, education and research.  Give a gift with meaning!

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS has a number of bear rescue facilities in India:  Agra, Bannerghatta, Dachigam, Van Vihar and Purulia. 

Libearty Bear Sanctuary

The sanctuary is in Romania.

Free the Bears

Free the Bears featured on a television programme with Giles Clark.   The charity has sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.  Become a bear carer and make a difference!



Four Paws Sanctuaries

Four Paws have bear sanctuaries for abused bears, former dancing bears, former bile bears and others in locations such as Switzerland, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Vietnam and Austria 

Animals Asia

Animals Asia have bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam where bears are rehabilitated and cared for.  Their bear teams gather key evidence of the effects of bile extraction.  So far they have rescued over 610 bears.

World Animal Protection

WAP has a bear sanctuary in Romania and also in Pakistan.  The Pakistan sanctuary currently has 44 bears – they are Asian black bears and Himalayan brown bears. There are live streams into the sanctuaries you can watch here.

Wildwood Trust

The Wildwood Trust is in Kent and it’s home to two bears who were rescued from terrible conditions in Romania, Fluff and Scruff.

Bear with Us

Bear with Us are in Ontario, Canada, and amongst other things, they care for orphaned bear cubs and injured bears and return them to the wild.  They also have a couple of permanent residents who cannot go back.

Appalachian Bear Rescue

ABR cares for orphaned and injured black bear cubs for return to their natural wild habitat; increases public awareness about coexisting with black bears; and studies all aspects of returning cubs to the wild.  It’s in Tennessee in the US.