Add your voice - sign petitions to help animals


There are a great many activities which can help animals - some take longer to do than others.   A fast way to help is to add your voice to petitions started by individuals.  Or you can start one yourself.  If you've got something you feel strongly about, it's easier than ever before to bring it to public attention and make a differerence.  

So here are some petition websites with lots of petitions to make a difference and improve the planet for wildlife, endangered species, working animals and domestic pets.   And don't forget to share your cause and the petitions - the more names added, the better! Petitions - has petitions for Animal Welfare and also Environment and Wildlife.  You can start a petition as well about a cause you care about.  There are petition FAQs to help you, whether you're looking to sign petitions or get one started. Plus you can earn butterfly credits and redeem them for causes. - again, you can start a petition for free.  You can use the search facility to look for petitions relating to any special causes you hold close to your heart.  I like the way they promote victories on the website.  It shows that petitions work!

UK Government and Parliament - search out petitions about animals, wildlife, nature, fracking, anything close to your heart and give it your support.  Or, you can create a petition of your own!   You can see which petitions are closed, open, waiting to be debated in Parliament, or have been debated in Parliament.  

38Degrees - one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, with millions of members.  Use their filters to find the petitions that are important to you - Animals, Planning/Countryside, Environment/Energy, Environment.  You can also find petitions which are relevant to your local area. also enables you to start your own petition and you can search out animal cruelty and other petitions to support. 

Avaaz - The World in Action - has 51 million people in 194 countries - you can sign petitions and create your own.   They also have a list of victories signatories have achieved. 


Some animal charities have petitions in their websites...

Animal Defenders International (ADI) - at the time of writing, they had petitions relating to Animals In Entertainment, Wildlife and Animal Experiments.

Animals Australia - at the time of writing, there were petitions about fur, duck shooting, greyhound racing, factory farming, codes of cruelty, live export, banning disposable plastic bags and ending the Faroe Island whale slaughter.

Compassion in World Farming also has campaigns you can support.  Click here for info on their current campaigns

Rainforest Rescue has petitions for rainforest protection.  As you know, rainforest is a vital habitat for thousands of species so these are important petitions to sign.   Click here for current petition listings.