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A charity close to my heart is the World Land Trust.  It is an international conservation charity, and it aims to protect the world's most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre.

Founded in 1989, it has funded partner organisations to create reserves and give protection to habitats and the wildlife there.

Sir David Attenborough is a Patron, along with David Gower and Chris Packham.

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save the NimlaHa tropical paradise..

Achievements of the World Land Trust include:

  1. The funding small, strategic land purchases to create vital wildlife corridors connecting wildlife reserves - this allows species to roam safely and increases their chance of survival.   The Asian Elephant, Tiger and Orangutan are just some of the species which have benefited from such wildlife corridors in India and Malaysian Borneo.   People have also benefited from less human-wildlife conflict.
  2. Partnering with 27 conservation NGOs across the world, helping to fund land purchase, manage wildlife reserves and rangers' salaries.  Reserves need to be managed and protected from threats such as illegal hunting and deforestation.  The Trust launched its Keepers in the Wild Appeal to support this work. 
  3. Working with its partner organisations to help establish over one million trees since 2006 - you can plant a tree here
  4. Creating symposia so that  partner organisations can share expertise and knowledge

How you can get involved:

Plant a tree for £5 or plant five trees as a gift for a minimum of £25 - find out more here

Give a "Buy an Acre" donation (minimum of £25) - how much this land buys depends on where in the world it is doing the buying because land prices vary

Give to the Action Fund Appeal - your donation will go to the project where money is most urgently needed

Support the Keepers in the Wild Appeal. This provides funds for the World Land Trust's partners to employ local people to protect reserves funded by the trust.  Rangers protect the reserves, and run education programmes, raising environmental awareness in local communities.  On World Ranger Day, 31 July 2015, WLT launched a new appeal - Keepers of the Wild 2020 - to raise £750,000 to guarantee the programme between 2016 and 2020.   Support this appeal here