Send e-cards and help wildlife charities spread the word!



One way to help animal charities is to help them spread the word about the work they are doing. 

Sending e-cards is a great way to do this - the recipient has an e-card from you in their inbox which makes a nice change from junk email;  and you have done your bit and taken an action to spread the word and help charities help wildlife.  Crucially, they are also a great way to connect people to nature - vital, if you want to keep wildlife in the minds of others. 

In the middle of Covid-19 virus, this could be a great way to have something to do which spreads animal magic about and raises awareness of charities at the same time!  Some charities ask for a donation, whereas others you can send an e-card for free.   Every action helps. 

 Send an e-card this Endangered Species Day 2020 The 15th May is Endangered Species Day (but why stick to that date?  Make every day an Endangered Species Day!).  Choose an e-card from the Endangered Species Coalition and send it to friends and family to raise awareness.  Visit the Endangered Species Coalition here
E-cards from the WWF

The WWF has a range of fantastic e-cards you can send to show people you care about nature and wildlife and to give them a moment of animal magicI!  Lots of occasions are catered for:  Spring, Easter, Passover, Friendship and Love, Birthday, Thank you, Miss you, Good luck, Invitations and Announcements and species facts.  Find out more

 The WWF has a number of e-cards with facts about a species on them The WWF also has some e-cards with species facts on them. You can share these facts with friends and family and give them the chance to find out more about different species.  There's the tiger, African elephant, giant panda,, polar bear, green turtle, orangutan, Amur leopard, black rhino, gray whale, great white shark, black-footed ferret and the pangolin!  Choose your species here
Help Tigers4ever protect tigers by sending an e-card Tigers4ever have a huge range of e-cards covering every possible occasion that I can think of - and you can choose from art, photographic, religious, illustration, London/UK and cards where you can upload an image.   Send an e-card and support Tigers4ever - help them protect tigers in the wild!
 Take a peek at

You can also go straight to Don' 

This is an amazing website - you can choose your charity and then the occasion, or choose the occasion e.g. birthday, Anniversary, thinking of you or whatever, and then choose your charity.  The animal charities section are divided into two:  Environment and Wildlife - and Animal Rescue.   There's a brief description about each charity and how your donation will help.  

So how does DontSendMeaCard work? 

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose an e-card
3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards

Simple!  And charities who join can invite their supporters and friends to send e-cards and donate the cost of sending a card to them instead!   Find out more





Friends of the Earth have a great range of e-cards.  You choose your card, personalise it, preview it and send it.

There are different categories such as Bees, Flowers, Celebrations, Good Luck, New Home, Wildlife, Quirky Animals, Landscapes and New  Baby so there's plenty of choice.

Send an e-card through Friends of the Earth