Wildlife Conservation & Endangered Species

Here's a list of wildlife conservation charities which we're adding to. The first thing that may strike you is that these are mostly for big animals - the popular and well known ones.  There are three reasons for this. Firstly, a lot of the smaller animals you're looking for maybe on our Countryside charities page.  Secondly, because if you can protect the habitat of the bigger animals, the smaller ones will be protected as well - protect the habitat of the elephant and all those animals in the elephant's path & space will have their habitat protected as well.  And thirdly, because we had to start somewhere...Let's call this page a work in progress & we hope meantime you'll find it helpful

Polar Bears International

WWF has information on its involvement in Arctic wildlife here

Pandas International

Chengdu Research base of Giant Panda Breeding in China

WWF's goals on panda conservation - check out their reasons to celebrate here

Red Panda Network (US)

The Spirit Bear Project 

Great Bear Foundation


Fauna & Flora has a project to help the Siamese Crocodile


Monkey Sanctuary 

International Gorilla Conservation Programme 

Center for Great Apes 

WWF Gorillas

Grauer's Gorilla


The Australian Orangutan Project 

Orangutan Foundation



Elephant Care International 

Elephant Human Relations Aid 

WWF's work to help elephants, African & Asian

Big Cats

Global White Lion Protection Trust  

Lion Conservation Fund 

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Northern Jaguar Project    

Save the Tiger Fund 

Tiger Awareness 


Hippos & Rhinos

Turgwe Hippo Trust 

Bornfree (hippos)

WWF (Rhinos)

Fauna & Flora (black rhino)


Giraffe Conservation Foundation 

African Wildlife Foundation

Koalas and Kangeroos

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme fosters wildlife and habitat conservation and supports local community livelihoods in Papua New Guinea.  You can volunteer to help tree kangaroos with Conservation Volunteers

Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) aims to save the critically endangered Tenkile Tree Kangaroo

Australian Koala Foundation

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Earthwatch Institute have expeditions to help with koalas - click here for info