Education work helps donkeys

It is said many times that children are the future carers for animals and guardians of the welfare of this planet - and here's a prime example of how important it is to teach children how to treat animals for both animal and human wellbeing.

The Devon-based Donkey Sanctuary has been working in India since 1998 and gives over 20,000 treatmentes to working donkeys every year in India. The Donkey Sanctuary has launched its Sanctuary from Suffering campaign during its 40th
anniversary celebrations, which focuses predominately on the international aspect of its work.  Its major projects are found in Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Mexico.  In these countries Sanctuary from Suffering comes in the form of free mobile clinics and education for donkey owners, children and veterinary surgeons and students.
Education work helps a donkey foal

Children from Nain Primary School near Solapur in India recently saved a foal with a neck wound.  They had had a free educational session about donkey care and welfare from the Donkey Sanctuary and when these children found a young foal outside their school gates after school one day, they both persuaded their head teacher to call the Donkey Sanctuary's clinic in Solapur, and to take the foal into the playground with its mother, away from any danger.

As a result of the children's persistence and action, the Donkey Sanctuary's team was able to treat the foal for neckwounds which had gone septic, due to a dog bite. 

Thanks to a brand mark on the mother's neck, the team were able to trace the donkeys' owners.  And one of the clinic's vets visited the foal shortly afterwards to ensure that the animals' recovery was continuing. And just imagine what this success did for the children and their confidence and belief in their ability to make a difference

The Donkey Sanctuary has teams who regularly visit schools to teach children about donkey care and welfare.  This covers topics such as giving the animals food, water, shade; and not to beat the donkey; and to call in the Donkey Sanctuary teams if they find an animal in distress

Donkey Sanctuary foal having treatment in India
Donkey Sanctuary vets treat the donkey
photo copyright of the Donkey Sanctuary  
Donkey Sanctuary children rescue foal in India
I'm feeling much better now, thank you!
photo copyright of the Donkey Sanctuary
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If you're in Devon, visit the Donkey Sanctuary - it really is the most wonderful place, admission is FREE, you can park easily and learn lots about donkeys, the work of the Donkey Sanctuary and have tons of cuddles!

The Donkey Sanctuary is runs Donkey Care Workshops around the UK

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