Heavy Horse Charities


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Heavy horses are majestic animals with great power and yet grace at the same time.  

Here are charities helping to secure the future of the heavy horse...

Shire Horse Trust
Since 1878 the Shire Horse Society has been working to protect the breed, that was then known as the Old English Breed of Cart Horse. Help secure a future for the Shire Horse and visit its Save our Shires campaign.   Visit its website here and find the regional society closest to you here

The Suffolk Punch Trust
The Trust is dedicated to preserving the Suffolk Punch breed but also the skills of the people needed to handle these wonderful horses.  You can support the Trust by volunteering, adopting a horse, becoming a member, donating and more.  Visit its website here

Clydesdale Horse Society
The aim of the Society is to maintain the purity of the breed and to promote the Clydesdale Horse.  Find out more here

British Percheron Horse Society
You can get lots of information on the British Percheron Horse, the history of the formation of the Society and the work that is carried on today to promote and protect the Percheron Horse.  Become a member and help protect this magnificent breed!  More info

The Working Horse Trust
This has been based in East Sussex for 23 years and it is now trying to find a new home as it has to vacate its premises by 30 September 2017.   Find out more here and if you can help, please do so!   

Northcote Heavy Horse Centre 
A small and unique but extremely dedicated animal welfare charity in Lincolnshire specialising in horses and horse welfare.  More info

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre 
The centre rescues heavy horses in need of a home.  More info

Heavy Horse Heaven, Australia
The centre rescues, rehabilitates, retrains and re-homes heavy horses just north of Canberra, New South Wales.

Waikato Heavy Horse Association, New Zealand
This was established in 1979 to promote and conserve the use of heavy horses in New Zealand.  More info