Animal Programmes on TV


Which animal programmes are TV?

This is by no means an extensive list, but here are a range of animal programmes on TV this week to get stuck into.  Where the programme is on every night, I've put that, because otherwise the list would go on and on and on...!  Please note that programmes are subject to change. 

Keep well and keep safe!

Sunday 29 November 2020   
12:30 BBC2 Sir David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities
How do pigeons remember complicated travel routes?
6:15 BBC1 Countryfile
The programme launches Plant Britain.  This is a 2 year challenge and it's aiming to encourage us all to get planting, regardless of how much space we all have.
8:00 BBC4 Natural World
The programme looks at the impact tourism has had on the Galapagos Islands.  
Monday 30 November   
7:30am BBC2

Mountain Vets
Staff at two veterinary practices in Northern Ireland care for family pets, livestock and wildlife.

4:55 More4 The Secret Life of the Zoo
This week's programmes start with a look at an elderly cheetah at Chester Zoo.  Also on Tuesday (frogs), Wednesday (rhino), Thursday (giant otters) and Friday (penguins) all at 4:55. 
Tuesday 1 December 2020
7:00 Channel 5 Our New Puppy
A chihuahua enters a competition (fancy dress) and a terrier ends up sharing a home with a Doberman.
8:00 Channel 5 The Yorkshire Vet
Peter Wright gives dental treatment to a horse (his niece's) and Julian Norton visits a group of vets in training, to share his knowledge. 
Wednesday 2 December 2020
Thursday 3 December 2020
4:10 BBC2 12 Puppies and Us
A St Bernard moves in with a 5 year old who has cerebral palsy and there's a clash from day one when a cocker spanish joins a pair and their possessive dog.  Repeated on Saturday at 11:00am. 
7:00 Channel 5 Kitten Rescue
With Jo Brand.   Two cats are trapped in a property which has been abandoned by squatters.
Friday 4 December 2020
9:00 BBC2 Waterhole - Africa's Animal Oasis
This is a new series, and Chris Packham and Ella Al-Shamahi work with Mwiba Wildlife Resserve in Tanzania to build the first waterhole with a built-in specialist camera rig.   Find out more (Repeated on Saturday morning at 9am)
Saturday 5 December 2020