Animal Programmes on TV


Which animal programmes are TV?

This is by no means an extensive list, but here are a range of animal programmes on TV this week to get stuck into.  Where the programme is on every night, I've put that, because otherwise the list would go on and on and on...!  Please note that programmes are subject to change and the list tends to start from Sunday lunch time.   I try to link the programmes to charities in the area or trying to work on issues that programmes cover so that you can take a look and see what is being done.  (These charities don't necessarily appear in the programme.)

Keep well and keep safe!  

Sunday 24 October 2021   
5:55 BBC1 Countryfile
Today's programme focuses on The Ramble for Children in Need.   By the way, on another note, the Wildlife Trusts are asking us all to go on a Big Wild Walk to raise funds to help tackle nature and the climate crisis.  Find out more and register here
6:00 BBC2

Climate Change - Ade on the Frontline
Ade Adepitan looks around the world for solutions to environmental problems and tonight he is in Sweden where he meets Greta Thunberg.

8:00 BBC1 The Mating Game
A new series which explores the lengths that animals go to get a mate.  You can also see it on Wednesday at 11:35pm.  Tonight focuses on jungles. 
9:00 Channel 4 Joe Lycett vs the Oil Giant
Joe Lycett takes on Shell and investigates claims of "greenwashing" levelled against the company's recent advertising campaign.  He also listens to climate experts.  What will his view be at the end of the programme?  This programme is ahead of the COP26 conference which kicks off on 31 October 2021. 
Monday 25 October  2021   
   3:45           BBC2 Born to be Wild
This programme comes from the SPCA Wildlife Rescue centre  Also on Tuesday at 3:45.
7:00 BBC2 Iolo's Pembrokeshire
Iolo Williams's programme tonight features dragonflies, kestrels - and a hunt for kingfishers and otters.
8:00 ITV Save  Money: My Beautiful Green Home
Three families turn their homes into eco-friendly ones. 
9:00 BBC4 Nature and Us - A History through Art
This series looks the history of our relationship with nature.
Tuesday, 26 October 2021
3:45 BBC2 Born to be Wild
The series follows life at the SSPCA's wildlife rescue centre.  Visit the centre's website here  Also on Wednesday (3:45), Thursday (4:00)  and Friday (3:45)
8:00 BBC2 Autumnwatch
It's back!  Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are in Norfolk to check out the Snettisham Spectacular which involves thousands of wading birds.   Gilliant Burke is discovering all about moles in Northern Ireland and Megan McCubbin is on the beautiful Isle of Mull.  Visit Autumnwatch here.  Also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, all at 8pm.  
8:00 Channel 5 The Yorkshire Vet
An alpaca and a calf need help.
10:45 ITV On Assignment
Before the COP26 conference this programme looks at three stories.  Of course, the climate is at the heart of matter.
Wednesday 27 October 2021 
 8:00 BBC4  India - Nature's Wonderland
This programme explores the amazing wonders of the natural world in India  With Liz Bonin, Freida Pinto and Jon Gupta.  
8:00 Channel 5 This Week on the Farm
A new series with Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton as they return to Cannon Farm in South Yorkshire with brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson.  
10;00 BBC4 Restoring the Earth:  The Age of Nature
A new series which examines the relationship we have with the natural world and what we can do to restore nature.  
Thursday 28 October 2021 
7:30 ITV Tonight:  What's in our water?
Joe Crowley looks at how waste water is contributing to the crisis facing our rivers.   Visit the Canal and River Trust to see how you can help them look after our waterways.
8:00 BBC1

Shop Well for the Planet
Chris Bavin, Jordan Banjo, Joanna Page and Melanie Sykes help a family go green AND save cash

Friday 29 October 2021
7:30 Channel 4 Unreported World
Tonight's programme is looking at the cobalt mining business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Visit the Jane Goodall Institute to see how you can help their  conservation efforts in the DRC.
Saturday 30 October 2021 
8:30 BBC2 Deadly 60
With Steve Backshall and the crewe who are in South Africa today.
10.00 BBC2 Hugh's Wild West
Huge is on Dartmoor today.
11:00 BBC2 The Earthshot Prize:  Repairing our Planet
Today the programme looks at solutions to the problems of air pollution.   Find out more about the Earthshot Prize here.
5:25 BBC2 Natural World:  Jaguars:  Brazil's Super Cats
A programme about the majestic jaguar.   Find out about the Born Free Foundation's efforts to help jaguars.