Animal Programmes on TV


Which animal programmes are TV?

This is by no means an extensive list, but here are a range of animal programmes on TV this week to get stuck into.  Where the programme is on every night, I've put that, because otherwise the list would go on and on and on...!  Please note that programmes are subject to change. 

Keep well and keep safe!

Sunday 2 August 2020   
4:20 BBC1

War Horse
The adaptation by Steven Spielberg of Michael Morpurgo's novel.  It follows a foal from birth to battle in the First World War.   There's a list of animal charities helping animals affected by war here.

7:00 BBC1 Countryfile
Goes to Wisley andOckham Common in Surrey to find out why healthland habitat needs to be protected.  And Adam Henson opens the farm park again and there's the arrival of a litter of rare piglets.
Monday 3 August  
9:00am BBC2 Lost Land of the Jaguar 
With Steve Backshall, George McGavin and cameraman Gordon Buchanan and Justine Evans.  The search is on for a giant anteater, too!
6:30 BBC2 Meerkat Manor
Wildlife documentary series with the Whiskers, a family of meerkats living on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.  On BBC2 every day until Friday at 6:30pm.
9:00 BBC4 Thailand:  Earth's Tropical Paradise
Featuring the forests, plains and cities of central Thailand and showing how the nation's peoples find spiritual fulfilment in their relationship with animals.
Tuesday 4 August 2020
7:00 Channel 5 Dogs Behaving (Very Badly)
Graeme Hall helps people solve their dogs' behavioural problems.  Tonight features a rescue dog who steals food and barks at front door. 
8:00 BBC2 Wild Cuba:  A Caribbean Journey
Colin Stafford-Johnson discovers parts of Cuba that not many people have seen, including the bee hummingbird and migrating crabs.
 8:00 Channel 5 This Week on the Farm
Has Jeremy the bull been successful in impregnating any of the cows? 
Wednesday 5 August
8:00 ITV For the Love of Dogs - What happened Next 
Paul O'Grady has an reunion with WHisper, and discovers how a puppy with a missing paw is finding his new life.
Thursday 6 August 2020
8:00 ITV Wonders of the Coast Path
Sean Fletcher explores the Wales Coast Path including monitoring the dolphin population and he discovers a 4,000 year old sunken forest!
4:30 BBC2 Natural World
An orangutan goes back to the wild.  
Friday 7 August 2020


BBC2 Gardener's World
Monty Don celebrates a vebetable harvest.
Saturday 8 August 2020
8:30 BBC2  Deadly 60:  Shark Rescue Special
Diving in the shark capital of the world, Steve Backshall finds out what it will take to save our sharks.
9:00 BBC2 Mountain Gorilla
A documentary about mountain gorillas