Looking for wildlife charity Christmas cards? Here are a few wildlife charities to check out



There are some great ways to help with wildlife conservation and one of these is to support their efforts when you do  your online shopping.  If you're looking for Christmas cards to help wildlife, there are several wildlife charities which sell them.  Here's a round up!  More will be added as we find them so please keep coming back to check.  All the images are copyright to the charities listed.  You could visit the charities listed on Countryside Charities, HorsesWorking Animals,  Pets and Wildlife Charities to see whether they have Christmas cards available.

The Wildlife Trusts have tips for having an eco-friendly Christmas which include don't buy cards with glitter and of course use as little plastic as possible.

This is the Hogs and Kisses Christmas card from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has some lovely hedgehog Christmas cards.  There are a couple you can buy as an individual and you can buy packs.  From £1.25. Head off here to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. 
Fly off to the RSPB's Christmas card range here The RSPB Online Shop has a range of Christmas Cards, some featuring animals such as the robin, the puffin, the blackbird, the wren and more.  It also has cards with a range of animals on them, such as this delightful puffin. Fly away to the RSPB Online Shop to see their range of Christmas Cards (Until the 5 January 2021, you can save £1 when you buy any 2 packs of Christmas cards!)
Christmas Cards from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has a range of Christmas cards featuring different animals, including the barn owl, the otter, the stoat,the robin, the yellow hammer and the large stag.  Help support the Trust help wildlife in Wiltshire and encourage people to live sustainably.  Fly off to see their Christmas cards here.
Fly off to see the Christmas cards from the National Trust for Scotland

The National Trust for Scotland has some wonderful Christmas cards, including these merry puffins!  There are also cards with stags, squirrels, terriers, peace doves, Highland cows and more!   Fly off to see the Christmas cards available from the National Trust for Scotland here.

Tigers4ever have Christmas cards and e-cards Tigers4ever are on a mission to protect wild tigers from extinction by eliminating tiger deaths due to poaching, poisoning or retaliatory attacks.  Sending Christmas cards and e-cards is a great way to give them your support - they also have a huge range of cards for every occasion!  There are art cards, illustration, photographic, religious and London/UK cards - or you can upload your own photo!  Go on the prowl at Tigers4ever
Christmas Cards from Wildlife Aid The Wildlife Aid Foundation  has these Christmas cards plus a lovely range of goodies for Christmas - both viritual gifts and things like bottle bags and a 2021 calendar. The charity is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. They are based in Surrey and look after over 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year.  Hop off to find out more.
PTES have some lovely Christmas cards PTES (that's the People Trust for Endangered Species) have some lovely Christmas cards. They work to protect our ecosystem by bringing endangered species back from the brink, working with scientists, conservationists, landowners and the general public.  Everything they do is based on scientific evidence.  Mountain hares, seahorses, hazel dormice, hedgehogs, noble chafer beetles, stag beetles, slow lorises, lions, snow leopards, giant otters and persian leopards are all some of the species they help.  Visit their shop here.
Tiger in the Snow from World Animal Protection World Animal Protection have this beautiful card called Tiger in the Snow, plus they have an interesting couple of other choices at the moment (August 2020) called Lucky Dip Christmas Cards and Take a Chance Pack Christmas Cards. The charity is working to make the world a better place for animals and end animal cruelty.  Find out more about their work here.  Give a roar and head off to World Animal Protection to prowl round their shop.