Dear Rudolph... All I want for Christmas is...


Dear Rudolph,

All I want for Christmas is.......proper veterinary care, water year round, softer saddles, grooming kits, owners who know how to look after me, eye care, food, somewhere to rest.... 

Our hard working animals do a lot for us in all sorts of ways, from assistance dogs to camels, donkeys, mules and horses. There are a number of charities working to helped animals who are working so hard in often terrible conditions to help.  You can buy virtual gifts for animal lovers which really can make a difference to the animals working to help us.  Many would be great stocking fillers, or Secret Santas or gifts for an animal loving friend.  Or just a gift from you to a hard-working animal.  

Here are some virtual gift ideas to help animals....

Give a horse at the Horse Trust medication for a week Give a horse at the Horse Trust medication for a week or a visit from the vet, or food for a week with a donation.  The Trust cares for a lot of retired police horses who have served us well, so click here to gallop away to their website to treat a horse lover to a gift to help horses.  

Fund the farrier at Iluest Horse and Pony Trust in Carmarthenshire or treat the rescues there to some lovely hay.  As well as all sorts of pony gifts, you can also donate a dental exam, or sponsor a horse or pony with a virtual gift.  Trot off here for more info


Fund the farrier at Iluest Horse and Pony Trust in Carmarthenshire
 Give rescue animals a bale of hay at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Give a bale of hay to the rescue animals at Hillside Animal Sanctuary for £5.00 or £10.00.   Click here to canter away to Hillside Animal Sanctuary for more details. 

PS You can also adopt a rescue animal as well as a gift - they don't come to live with you, but you get adoption info with the gift.  You can adopt a rabbit, a sheep, a cow, a pig, a donkey, a duck, a mule, a Shire horse, an ex-racehorse or dogs so there's plenty to choose from!  The hard part is deciding who to adopt! 

Treat a donkey to a virtual gift with the Safe Haven for Donkeys who care for donkeys, mules and horses in the Holy Land.  You can treat them to a hoof trimming session for £10.00, a vet 

Treat a horse to a hoof trimming session for £10.00 or Hay for a Day or food for a week. You could also treat them to a session with a dentist or a vet, a rest station or foal milk replacement.   Click here to see the range of virtual gifts available.

I want my hooves trimmed!
Help animals with your gift

The Brooke has gifts such as Emergency Essentials, Healthy Hooves, Life Saving Training and Train a Vet or Train a Farrier.  There's Comfort from the Cold, protecting them from the bitter cold after a hard working day.   Or a Water all the Year Round. Buy surgical equipment to help vets treat animals, or life saving medicines or softer saddles.  Prices start at £9.00 for these gifts.  Visit The Brooke Shop here

(They've also got some wonderful Christmas cards - trot away to their website to see them!)

SPANA has a similar range of Health and Happiness gifts to help animals - you can help teach the owners of tomorrow how to care for their working animals by providing animal welfare lessons, provide essential dental checks (Long in the Tooth), fill a medicine cabinet, give donkeys doughnut bandages to protect them from wounds rubbing against their back & more...  Visit SPANA's online shop to find out more  Click here to visit SPANA's gift shop
 Get knitting and help donkeys! If you're looking for something to do in the winter months, you could get knitting or sewing to help donkeys!   They are knitted by supporters and then sold in to raise funds to support the charity.  Find out more here
Adopt a Donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary.  The donkeys arrive at the Donkey Sanctuary for many different reasons, but you can adopt a donkey from 7p a day and guarantee these donkeys future with the Sanctuary.  I gave my parents an adoption (Moses) as a gift and they were delighted with him and really enjoyed redeiving their updates on how he was getting on!  Click here to Adopt a Donkey Adopt a Donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary 

World Horse Welfarealso has some virtual gifts, from helping the UK Horse Crisis to giving Reaching Rural Horses to provide their teams with the fuel that is needed to reach horses in one of these communities where access to help and support would not otherwise be possible. Go to their Online Shop here