Recyle Christmas cards



Recycling your Christmas Cards 

M&S aren't running their Christmas card scheme now and so far, I haven't seen any announcements from the FSC (that 's the Forest Stewardship Council) to say they will run their scheme with Sainsburys.

So here are 8 things you can do to recycle Chirstmas cards:

  1. Cut them up into smallish squares or rectangles and put them by your house phone to write messages on or make a note of things you need to get
  2. Turn them into gift tags to put onto presents – you could use them during the year if the picture isn’t terribly related to Christmas, or use them to label next year’s Christmas presents
  3. Use them to write a love note on the back to a loved one to find as they come home – you could just put “Hope you’ve had a good day, see you later xxx” or something like that on it
  4. Use them to write a note to somebody when you drop something off – you could write a message on it and pop it into a bag with whatever it is you’ve dropped off
  5. Cut the picture bit off and use the back of it as a post-card
  6. Save them and get the kids to turn them into something to decorate the house with next Christmas
  7. Put them in your recycle bin for collection – but not if they have glitter or foil or anything extra on them
  8. Vow to send e-cards instead next year!

Enjoy them while you’ve got them!

The Woodland Trust does have advice on ways in which you can recycle Christmas waste, including Christmas cards, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, left over food and unwanted gifts.    


About the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust's work is vital to help preserve British woodland and also crucially to preserve the habitat of thousands of UK species.   It works to protect ancient woodland and create new. It cares for over 1,000 woods, which are open to the public every day of the year.

British woodlands are vital to wildlife, and also in absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen - they are the British equivalent to the Amazon rainforest. 

Wildilfe need woodlands

Wildlife needs woodland

Many animals live in British woodlands; some may not be there all the year round, but there's no doubt that wildlife need woodlands. These include animals & species such as:



slow worms 

You can also find out more about the Trust's work to restore ancient woodland and why it's so important on their website.  There are ways to get involved and help in this work - we can all make a difference.