Help animal rescue this Christmas - ways to make a difference to those we love... the animals


Christmas is a time of giving, traditionally gifts we can all unwrap.   

These days times have changed and especially after the year that 2020 has been, it's a time to really make a difference to animals all over the world. We can all make it a time when we give a lot to animals and charities who are helping animals, both domestic & wild. 

Here are some ways to make a difference in your Christmas shopping - and before we even start, the first thing to point out is please do NOT give pets as Christmas presents.  A pet is for life, not just for a few days around and after Christmas...

  1. Buy your Christmas cards from an animal charity.  
    A great many animal rescue centres sell Christmas cards, diaries, calendars and stocking fillers and they can be a great way to buy those things you need and make a difference at the same time.  Smaller charities often sell these, so it's worth checking with those in your local area as well as online.  You can also send e-cards from Don't Send me a Card (they have a drop down menu with choices including Animal Rescue plus Environment & Wildlife).

  2. Ask people for a donation instead of a gift
    If you ask your relatives to all give a donation to your favourite animal charity instead of giving you presents, this could make quite a difference. This has the added advantage of saving them time - and probably money - and stress in thinking of gifts to give you.  Give them the name & website of your nominated charity and tell them how to donate - it could be they send a cheque off to the animal rescue instead of donating online.  It also spreads the word about your favourite animal charity as your nearest and dearest visit its website.  

    You could also point them in the direction of a fundraiser already online - take a look at sites such as Global Giving, Just Giving and GoFundMe and choose a charity - tell people that instead of gifts this year, you'd like them to donate to your chosen charity. 

  3. Send up a fundraiser
    You could set up an on-line fundraiser for charity.  This is becoming increasingly easy to do, thanks to websites as the three listed in two above. Many charities have information and lots of advice on how to do it on their website.  

  4. Buy stocking fillers
    See if there are any stocking fillers you can treat people to from your favourite animal charity.  Many have online shops you can buy gifts from. 

  5. Give a gift membership
    Gift memberships mean your loved one can indulge in their passion for animals over a period of several months, perhaps even a year.  Gift  memberships are important to animal charities & conservation groups. It means that they can have an idea of the funds that will be coming to them and it puts them in a far stronger position to respond to disasters or urgent needs. 

  6. Give them a virtual gift
    Examples include sponsoring rainforest, or plant trees in the UK or further afield.  Give animals a home!  Many charities have online shops from which you can buy gifts which will also benefit animals in the wild or at home.  You'll find lots of virtual gift ideas around this website.

  7. Save used stamps.
    Ask as many people as you can to save stamps on their Christmas cards this year.  Pick a charity from our list and send them the stamps. 

  8. Pledge to change your ways!
    Choose three ways in which you will change your lifestyle to be more animal friendly in 2021.  This could be having one vegetarian meal a week, eating palm oil free chocolate, turning down your central heating, taking more public transport or getting on your bike, doing voluntary work - anything which makes a difference and impacts on animals for the better.

  9. Choose a gift for yourself and adopt an animal online.  
    And adopt animals for three fellow animal lovers this year for birthday and anniversary gifts instead. 

  10. Have a go!
    GIve people the chance to have a go at something new and different which could lead them to take up new habits!  Such as palm oil free toilettries and soaps, palm oil free chocolate, a gift membership, a short conservation break...

  11. Watch for wish lists
    Many charities have wish lists on their websites or wish lists on Amazon of items they need.   Ask people to buy these for you on your behalf.