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Please help sharks by signing this petition

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Sharks are in danger.  

The problem for sharks

In the last 50 years, global shark and ray numbers have collapsed by 70% or more, due to overfishing.

73 million sharks are butchered every year.  They are sliced apart to rip their fins from their bodies. 

The fishers just want the fin – so they throw the sharks back into the water after they’ve cut that out.  This leaves them to bleed. 

The fins are sold on international markets.

Please sign the petitition to the US Congress herePlease sign the petition to the US Congress
urging it to ban the sale and buying of shark fins.

To help solve the problem

The US Congress is considering banning the selling or buying of shark fins within the country.  The bill has bipartisan support and that means it could truly become law, if we all speak out!

Canada has already banned the shark fin trade, and now it's time for the U.S. to take action, too. 

Tell Congress is must pass legislation to ban the buying and selling of shark fins to save sharks from extinction.

Please sign the petition here


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