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World Spay Day is on Tuesday 23rd February

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World Spay Day is on the Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

And nine animal welfare charities have joined forces to spread the message to owners to get their animals neutered, (or “fixed” or “done”).

The charities supporting World Spay Day all have lots of information to answer any questions you may have about neutering, including the health benefits for cats and dogs.

World Spay Day is supported by:

Cats Protection say that recent research has shown that 70% of kitten litters in the UK aren’t planned – and that means lots of kittens needing care, attention, feeding and homes. 

Find out more about World Spay Day and spread the word

Get your pets neutered – it can help protect them from picking up some cancers.  In the case of cats, male cats who have been neutered are less likely to stray from home or get injured from fighting.  They are less likely to spray wee in the house to mark their scent to seduce potential female mates.

Find out more about World Spay Day and how the charities can help from their links.

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