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Tell CITES: Strengthen protections for Africa's wildlife!

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Urgent, Urgent, Urgent! 

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) takes place between August 17-28 and this is a very good chance to bring about a considerable change for the wildlife of Africa.  In short, they need our support and our voice.

They may not be able to use a computer to add their names to a petition – but each and every one of us can be their voice and add our own names.

Stand up for African wildlife now

The African Wildlife Foundation says that CITES is a treaty between governments.  It ensures that wild fauna and flora in international trade are not exploited in an unsustainable way.

The African Wildlife Foundation has submitted its own recommendations to 7 proposals – and these are based on findings from their own work across different contexts in Africa.

The Foundation is asking for enhanced conservation efforts for species such as giraffes and pancake tortoises.  Their populations are dwindling – the reasons being:

  • Wildlife trafficking
  • Habitat loss
  • Poorly understood conservation efforts compared to other speicies

The Foundation rejects proposals for legalized international trade in species such as white rhinos and elephants.  It points out that any trade that’s legal sends mixed messages out into the world.  We need a single, very clear message to be sent out to the world that these wildlife need to be saved.

Please join 50,000 others and pledge your support to AWF’s recommendations.   Please give the wildlife of Africa a chance.

Please add your name now.


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