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  1. World Spay Day is on the Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

    And nine animal welfare charities have joined forces to spread the message to owners to get their animals neutered, (or “fixed” or “done”).

    The charities supporting World Spay Day all have lots of information to answer any questions you may have about neutering, including the health benefits for cats and dogs.

    World Spay Day is supported by:

    Cats Protection say that recent research has shown that 70% of kitten litters in the UK aren’t planned – and that means lots of kittens needing care, attention, feeding and homes. 

    Find out more about World Spay Day and spread the word

    Get your pets neutered – it can help protect them from picking up some cancers.  In the case of cats, male cats who have been neutered are less likely to stray from home or get injured from fighting.  They are less likely to spray wee in the house to mark their scent to seduce potential female mates.

    Find out more about World Spay Day and how the charities can help from their links.


    It's Valentine's Day on Sunday 14th February and International Animal Rescue are asking people to spread the love and give a gift to animals!

    Internatianal Animal Rescue's vision is "a world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems."  It is on a mission to build awareness and implement effective systems such that habitats and animals are protected.  It works in the UK, in Armenia, India, Costa Rica, Malta and Indonesia.

    It saves animals from suffering, and, where it can, it rehabilitates and releases them back into the wild, so it also works to protect their precious natural habitats. 

    Sometimes however animals cannot be released back into their natural habitats so International Animal Rescue gives them life long care. And this is where you can help support them in their work!

    You could adopt an animal - an Armenian bear, a sloth bear, a slow loris, an orangutan or a howler troop!  Adoptions are from as little as 14p a day.  

    There are online adoptions or postal packs, and adopting an animal means that you can  help International Animal Rescue care for those animals who stay with them forever and depend on the charity for their lifelong care - they just cannot fend for themselves.  You can find out what is in the different types of packs on the adoption pages.

    Give a loris a flower!

    Or, how about giving a slow loris a flower for £10?  They love the calliandra flower - it forms a staple part of the Javan slow lorises’ diet.

    Treat the bears to an enrichment log full of yummy fruit!

    For £20, you could treat the bears to an enrichment log, full of tasty fruit for their dinner!

    Head off to International Animal Rescue to see how else you can help and get involved!

    Images on this blog are ©International Animal Rescue

  3. Want to do a fundraiser for your favourite charity and have a challenge?

    If you love trekking challenges and getting outdoors, and you want to raise money for your favourite animal charity, take a look at the Peak District Challenge!

    Fundraise by taking part in a charity challenge!

    It’s taking place on the 17-18 September 2021 and it’s an exciting series of team trekking challenges based in the Peak District National Park!

    Find out more about the Peak District Challenge

    They all have easy access to public transport from Sheffield and Manchester.

    Competitors are against the clock to try to complete the Back Before Dark 10km run, or longer trekking challenges: Copper (25km), Bronze (50km), Silver (75km) or Gold Ultra (100km + 3000m of ascent).  Phew!

    Here’s how the fundraising bit works:

    Every challenger pays an entry fee to cover their own costs (from £21-71 depending on the distance chosen), with all money raised through sponsorship going directly to your charity. There is no financial cost to your charity, ever.  In 2015-2020 over £250,000 was raised in total.  The organisers work with you to make the process of registration for you and the participants as easy as possible.

    Charities!  This could be a fundraiser for you!

    This is a great free fundraising opportunity for charities, with NO cost to the charity and NO deductions from any sponsorship income.  Entrants pay the costs directly. 

    Find out all about this charity challenge

    It’s also a chance for animal charities to promote this fundraiser and recruit them.  Entrants pay the costs; charities just need to go and recruit fundraisers! 

    The organisers are looking forward to having fundraisers along for the challenge.

    Find out more here