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  1. I’ve blogged about this before but it needs highlighting again.  Animals Australia have a petition to stop long distance suffering for animals being exported on ships in the most dreadful of conditions.  

    Some of the smallest and youngest victims are actually born on board, and according to Animals Australia, the distressed crew are ordered to cut their throats. 

    Animals are suffering and being cooked alive on live export ships. 

    There is a video you can watch from Animals Australia’s website.   I haven’t included it here – if you want to see it you need to go to their website.   The most important two things for us all to do is to sign the petition and spread the word. 

    These sheep need us and they need our action.  Help shut down this illegal activity and get these animals off these death ships 

    Be the next person to make a difference and sign now.


  2. Want to put a stop to this? 

    Do you want to put a stop to sights like this?

    Plastic rings holding beer and cider cans can be seen all over the place on land and on the sea, in our rivers and beaches.

    They harm and kill birds and fish – and add thousands of tonnes of plastic waste to our planet.

    The answer is to get alternatives.  Companies need to ditch plastic rings.  Carlsburg are now going to use recyclable glue instead.

    So we need to persuade other beer and cider companies to do the same.   We need to put pressure on these companies to change their ways.

    38degrees have a petition you can sign to put pressure on these companies to get rid of plastic rings.  If we can do that, it’s another small step to make a difference.

    Every action helps.  Every signature will help put pressure on these companies.  Every signature is a voice for animals.

    Sign the petition here