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URGENT today, 12 November 2022: Fire Bull Festival in Spain

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This event is absolutely horrific - PETA have just sent an email about it and PETA is urging us all to sign a petition asking the Spanish to stop it.

Help End the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in Soria

Warning, there is a horrible picture as you click through of a bull and fire, but please, please scroll down fast and get the petition signed.  The sooner the Spanish cancel this horrible event the better.  It has no place in the modern world.  

Please sign here


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  1. Stephen Dunsford

    Please bring this barbaric event to an end this year.

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  2. Beverley Mead

    Horrific treatment of animals.

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  3. Diane

    This is barbaric and has no place in our world today. This practice incites cruelty and should never ever be seen as ?entertainment?.

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  4. Jenny Gregory

    This is absolutely vile and barbaric. Whatever makes you think this torture is entertainment? I will never visit your country and make sure everyone I know knows what you consider to be acceptable. It is not.

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  5. Maureen Rogers

    Please ban this now I dont know how people can enjoy watching this cruelty

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