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Caring for stray dogs in Sri Lanka...Ben Fogle visits British vet Janey on Channel 5

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Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild is back on our screens on Channel 5, and Ben Fogle is back to catch up with Janey Lowe.

Catch up with Ben Fogle and Janey Lowe on Channel 5 on Tuesday 2nd April 2024 at 9pm.  

The background...

Janey Lowe is a British vet who was backpacking in Sri Lanka in 2014 and she decided to stay.  And she set up a charity in Sri Lanka helping stray dogs.  She is doing an incredible job but this has come at the cost of very stressful 16 hour days.  The charity's website is here 


Janey works with international and local staff and volunteers.  The charity relies totally on donations.  It aims to treat sick and injured animals, to train and educate the local population and CNVR (catch, neuter, vaccinate and release). 

The charity is called WECare Worldwide.  There's no doubt this inspirational woman is really moving people and there's lots we can all to do help her and make a difference to the stray dogs in Sri Lanka.

Unneutered, each female could have two litters a year - this can cause very high population growth, so Janey has set up an outreach clinic to sterilise as many dogs as possible.  Janey is hoping to get 10 trucks going to neuter as many dogs as possible.  Dogs are neutered, vaccinated and given an MOT before going back onto the streets.  These dogs are not homeless - they are street dogs - but they still need care.

PLEASE help WECare Worldwide if you can!  

How you can help:

Follow them on social media :


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Linked In

You Tube

Janey, you're an inspiration!  Thank you and your team for all you're doing for Sri Lanka's stray dogs.  Please take care of yourselves.  We're thinking of you all. 

Visit WECare Worldwide


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  1. Ursula

    Janey, You're amazing, I understand your love for Sri Lanka as much as I do too (people around me do not), I lived there a while with a local family, when I was in my 30s tried to show people that animals are creatures that need love and not to be spurned, (there wasn't as many then that you are dealing with now) I volunteered with severely disabled children at Preetipura, Wattala. I eventually returned to marry there 35years ago (as I would not if he hadn't been and experienced it too). I would live there too if only I could and I hope you find that person that will accept you for who you are and what you do. I miss it and the people, some I lost through the tsunami. God bless you and send much love to you and all the vets and staff that work with you, Thank you.

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  2. Linda Pegrum

    After watching the programme of such amazing, inspirational work I am determined to help raise money for We Care and stop the neglect of the dogs in Sri Lanka. Thanks Jane for all you do.

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  3. Sandra wright

    Hi, I have new heartmann's solution which was prescribed by the vet for my cat. I am very upset because I have have to have him put to sleep. Would it be possible for me to sent this and other drugs which I had for my cat to you. I live in the UK. I will of course have to check the postage cost Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  4. Andrew magee

    Watched Janey on Ben fogles programme last night.janey is probably one of the most inspirational people I have ever seen,that?s true passion and dedication.myself and partner were truly moved by the show and we have both travelled India and other south East Asian countries and have seen first hand what janey faces.this is true altruism and wish her all the luck in the world.also trying to find out how to donate and hopefully even end up either Sri Lanka or another place as a volunteer and give back a fraction of the love that dogs have given us over the years.

    Posted on

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