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The Horse Trust

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The amazing Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire look after horses who have retired from the police and military, and ex-therapy ponies.   Commando worked for the Household Cavalry, for instance, whilst Darwen had his career with the Lancashire Constabulary.  Sydney spent most of his working life with the Royal Mews and Trojan worked for the Thames Valley Police.

The Trust also take in severe welfare cases, and examples include Star who came from Spindles Farm and Bear  and Shetlands Fidget and Widget who were found in a field with only a puddle to drink from and no grass to eat.

You can sponsor these horses and ponies to help the Horse Trust care for them.   Visit their Sponsor A Resident page here.

You can help these horses by sponsoring a horse such as William
You can help these horses by sponsoring a horse such as William

who worked as an Officers' Charger with The King's Troop Royal Horse Artilliary
Image ©Amanda Jane Smith Photography

Our thanks to everyone looking after these wonderful horses, and thank you too to the horses themselves.  


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