Get Sparky for the Woodland Trust


If you want to support wildlife while you shop, here's an easy way to do it if you shop at M&S.

Sparks is a new members club from M&S.  Members can choose a charity from a list to support when you register your card. 

You can collect Sparks every time you shop in M&S stores and online, and there are lots of benefits to enjoy such as tailor-made offers, priorty access and money-can't buy experiences.  

The charity you choose from the list will get a 1p donation from M&S for every transaction you make.  

One of the charities you can choose is the Woodland Trust.  

Marks and Spencer already work with the Woodland Trust by recycling Christmas cards - for every 1,000 Christmas cards dropped off by people at M&S stores, the Woodland Trust can plant a tree :-) 

So here's another way to help woodland animals and keep their existing habitat in good health - and to create new woodland as well.  

The Woodland Trust have a number of ways they work to help woodland...

  • Protect your local wood
  • Give children access to the wonderful benefits of trees – and the fun, adventure and learning that they bring
  • Fight tree disease
  • Protect historic woodland environments where the country’s oldest living thing – the yew tree – lives

As you know, woodland is vital habitat for many wildlife species, so the more we can all do to help charities such as the Woodland Trust protect it, the better. 

Click here to find out more about the Sparks Members Club from M&S

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