Stamp Appeal - raise funds for animal charities with your used stamps


Your stamps helped butterflies

Your used stamps helped butterflies

Butterfly Conservation know that 2012 was a disaster for butterflies, as a result of the wet weather.  52 out of the 56 species suffered a decline. 

£5 will buy 10 wildflower seed packs to plant new nectar rich flowers for butterflies

So £5 is on its way to Butterfly Conservation to help our butterflies.

Great News! 

Our stamp appeal is up and running!  You've made a start sending your stamps in, and so far, £5 has been raised.  From small acorns do big oak trees grow...

Like many people, we wanted to do something to help animals.  It’s why we started this site.  And we wanted to find a way to help people help animals which wouldn’t hit our pockets hard. 

A number of animal charities collect postage stamps to sell as a way to raise much needed funds to help the animals in their care or to raise money for projects to help with wildlife conservation.  However, not many see this as a major source of income but it has the potential to raise much needed funds.

We'll be keeping a tally of how much is raised and who it goes to, and we'll put up a list for you to see where these funds are going.

The wonderful thing about this appeal is that wherever you are in the world, the stamps you save from envelopes (cut around the stamp, leaving a small bit of envelope around it to protect it), can all be put to good use to help animals. Stamps from all over the world sent to the UK can help animals all over the world.

Where to send your stamps?

We have linked up with the Stampman, who has been providing services to charities now for over 7years now and currently deals with over 20 charities every week. He has over 18 years' expertise in dealing with all types of stamps, postcards and other collectable material and is able to raise the maximum amount of money for every charity he deals with. In fact, one national Air Ambulance charity wanted to know how he could offer so much more than their previous buyer.  He buys the stamps by the kilo, some charities send 1kg a month and others 150kg

The Stampman says "we would really encourage you to think about how you can help these charities to achieve there goals by organising collections in your local schools, your work places and communities." He pays over the odds for your stamps. You can send your stamps to The Stamp Man, PO Box 264, IM99 1UR - and if your stamps weigh over 3kg, he will arrange for a courier to collect them. Please ensure otherwise that you have paid sufficient postage for your stamps.  You can email him at [email protected] 

Unlike other stamp buyers, The Stampman says that he:

  • Does not require the stamps to be sorted
  • Does not require them neatly trimmed
  • He has a courier service that will collect the stamps from you at Our expense if you have over 3kg
  • He will sort your stamps when they arrive with him and pay you for the forigen and British separate saving you the administration time
  • He will look at stamp albums, postcards etc as individual items and pay you accordingly.

If you're a charity wanting to raise money through selling stamps, get in touch with The Stampman by email at [email protected]

You choose an animal charity to benefit...

If you choose a charity for the funds to go to, please give the name and address of your charity and put it inside the envelope with the stamps. Please also mention “Animals Charities Website” as we are trying to keep track of the money raised for animals through this stamp appeal.  The Stampman is going to tell us how much is being raised every week as a result of coming through this website and we will put a tally up on this page so that you can keep track of it.

Of course if you prefer, you can still send stamps to charities as an alternative - we have a list of those which accept stamps here.

All charities aided by this appeal will have bases in the UK, but many will help animals around the world. Animals are facing unprecedented threats  to their very survival. They need all the help they can get. You can help animals by collecting used postage stamps and sending them off for sale. The money raised by your stamps can go to your favourite animal charity or into a general fund to help animals.


Your used stamps can help animals

What can you collect to send to this Stamp Appeal?

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