Save Dogs from South Korea


In South Korean, dogs are farmed for human consumption.   The Humane Society International estimate that 2.5 million dogs are bred every year. Many are tortured before they are killed, owing to the Korean belief that the more dogs suffer, the tastier they will be to eat.  Dogs tend to be housed in tiny cages, with little or no water or food.  There's no legislation providing for any sort of general care of the dogs.  

However, more people are increasingly believing that dogs are to be seen as friends and companions, and so turning against the dog meat trade. 

There are a number of organisations working to end the dog meat trade in South Korea.  And some bring dogs into countries such as Canada, the US and the UK for people to adopt as their own.

Humane Society International
HSI is working in countries across Asia to end the dog meat trade, for instance in China's annual Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, the killing pits at Nagaland in India; and work with dog meat farmers in South Korea to help them move to more humane ways to earn a living. More info

Free Korean Dogs
Based in Canada, they bring dogs in from South Korea.   Help by adopting, donating, and signing up for their newsletter to keep up to date with their work to stop the dog meat trade.  

Save Korean Dogs
Urgently need people who will adopt dogs, foster dogs, donate items for auction, sign petitions, attend protests and be flight volunteers.  A flight volunteer is a person flying out of Seoul who is willing to escort a rescued dog to Canada or the US - you've booked your flight already yourself and you're willing to escort a rescue dog to the US or Canada.  Find out more about how you can help.  Join them on Facebook.

Last Chance for Animals
Urge these companies to take a stand against dog meat in South Korea - please sign the petition to the S. Korean ambassador to the U.S. demanding an end to S. Korean dog meat cruelty!  

Animal Equality
They have undertaken an intensive investigation into slaughterhouses and the dog meat markets in China.  More info

Animals Asia
End the dog meat trade in China  Founder and CEO Jill Robinson says, “Our investigations strongly point to what everybody familiar with the industry has long suspected – that the vast majority of China’s dog meat comes from stolen companion animals and that misinformation and illegality is rife at every stage of the industry supply chain.”  Find out more about how you can help here