What's On in March - Get Involved


MARCH 2018
1 National Horse Protection Day (US)
Aims to raise awareness of the plight of horses in the USA and beyond & help unwanted horses to find forever homes.
3 World Wildlife Day
Celebrate the beauty and variety of the millions of plants and animals that we share our planet and raise awareness of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime (amongst other things)
3-5 Great British Spring Clean
Last year 250,000 people took part in the Great British Spring Clean.   This year, volunteers will again do what they can to clear up litter.   This will help make the countryside look better and keep wildlife safer - many animals think litter is something to eat or get caught in it or trapped in it.   Find out more here
13-17 National Wildlife Week (US)
In 2017, the River Otter was voted the most popular species by participants.  Visit the National Wildlife Federation for more info


Tree Care Campaign
From 21 March to 21 September, the Tree Council highlights the need for better care for all trees, in  order to ensure their survival and increase the number reaching  maturity.
 22  World Water Day
A chance for us to think about what safe water means to us and what it could mean to the millions of people living without it.  I would add, and to the millions of animals suffering from a lack of water.
23-26  #MarchforGiants 
The march aims to raise awareness of the world's first campaign to link digital Billboards globally. It begins in Hong Kong on 23 March, progresses to Times Square in New York and then on to London Stratford and Birmingham before ending in Manchester.  Get involved here
 25  Earth Hour
Starting at 8:30pm local time, this lights off event seeks to raise awareness about climate change.  It's on 25th March in 2017
27-31 World Osprey Week
Schools can get invovlved and follow the amazing migratory journeys of satellite-tagged Ospreys and also to make contact with other schools on the migratory flyways.  Fly away for more info here