Coronavirus: Help Free the Bears


Free the Bears have rescued over 950 bears in their time – they have helped the most vulnerable bear species for 25 years – sloth, sun and moon bears.   They care for rescued bears in their bear sanctuaries and they protect bears in the wild.  The rescued bears can enjoy climbing frames, hammocks, caves, swimming pools, vet care and a healthy diet and enrichment to complete their rehabilitation.  These bears are now safe thanks to everyone at Free the Bears!

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But they need your help to keep rescuing bears and care for them!

To help Free the Bears, you could become a Bear Carer & commit to a small monthly donation.  The Bear Buddy level of Bear Carer is just AUD$10 a month – that’s about US$6, Euro5.5 or £5 a month. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves nature and bears. Bear carers help provide their rescued bears with good diets, enrichment activities to stimulate their minds, fantastic vet care and large forest enclosures – all the bear necessities of life


Free the Bears - Bear a Bear Carer©Free the Bears

Free the Bears actually has a number of other ways you can donate:

  • Just make a donation, pure and simple
  • Become a bear sponsor - sponsor a bear and help the bear and his or her friends!  
  • Give a bear a gift – this could make a great gift for a bear lover.   You can click on a number of bears and choose one (goodness knows how, they all look adorable) and your sponsorship will go towards your special bear and their friends at the sanctuary!  There’s a range of them to choose from – a pot of honey, a tub of peanuts, a treat ball, a bear cub kit, a bear hammock (essential for those lazy days), a bathing pool (lovely to cool off in) and a climbing frame.  Gifts start at 15 Australian dollars but you can do this all on line from wherever you are in the world.   100 Australian dollars at the time of writing was just under £50 (but currency rates vary from day to day so don’t quote me!) 

Give a bear a hammock
Give a bear a hammock
©Free the Bears

You could also do a fundraiser on 29th April and spend the night in a cage - ask friends and family to sponsor you, or you could sponsor one of the participants!  This is a great way to raise awareness of the need to rescue bears on bear bile farms, and to raise much needed funds to help Free the Bears care for bears!   Find out more about the fundraiser here.

Free the Bears leads nationwide campaigns in Cambodia and Laos to raise awareness and educate local communities about wildlife and the illegal wildlife trade.   Their Awareness, Communication and Education Teams give local and international youth groups tailor-made schedules with interactive lessons, games and activities about the environment, wildlife, conservation and sustainability.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has a project with Free the Bears – you can find out about it here.