Cat Care in Hot Weather


National cat charity Cats Protection is urging cat owners to look after their cats and protect them from the sun.   Soaring temperatures are putting cats at risk of developing sunburn and skin cancer.   

The charity's Education Veterinary Officer, Sandra Milburn, notes that Cats Protection often has cats coming with early or advanced stages of skin cancer caused by sun exosure.  Some cats need fairly drastic surgery to repair sun damaged skin - in some cases, they need to have their ears amputated to stop the cancer spreading. 

Cats, of course, love warmth.   Our cat Trouble used to love lounging in the airing cupboard in winter.  And many enjoy lazing about in the sun.  The problem is that too much sun can be dangerous for cats, just as it can be for people.

“White cats, or those with unpigmented white noses or ears, are at the greatest risk," Sandra Milburn says.  "It may take a few years before the damage is visible but, once the early stages of cancer set in, it is important cats are given urgent veterinary treatment to prevent it spreading.  So keep an eye on your pets

It's a good idea to keep your cat out of the sun in hot weather...
We always tried to keep Trouble out of the sun

Trouble says, "I'll do what I like, thank you."

3 ways to protect your cat from the sun...

  1. Keep your cat indoors during the hottest part of day, especially in summer months

    We always tried to keep Trouble out of the sun,
    Though this was easier said, than done... 

  2. Provide lots of shady areas in the garden where you cat can doze - a large shrub for instance, or a small pop up tent

  3. You can use sunblocks which have been made especially for animals, some of which are lick-proof.   These absolutely must be suitable for cats - they can be more sensitive than other animals ot the chemicals included, so always check with your vet before using anything intended for people on your cat.
Cats Protection have lots of info on cat care - click here to pounce on it on their website

"There are also sunblocks available that have been manufactured specifically for use on animals, some of which have been designed to be lick-proof. Your vet should be able to recommend one or source one for your cat. It is very important that it is suitable for cats, as they can be more sensitive than some other animals to the chemicals included. Please check with your vet before using anything intended for humans on your cat."

Cats Protection is the UK’s largest cat charity, with over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 centres helping around 500 cats a day, or 200,000 a year.  Find out more about getting involved here.  

Cats Protection have lots of info on cat care - click here to pounce on it on their website

For yourself and your own sun care (not your pets'), check out Green People who have a range of organic sun care products. Green People work in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society to highlight the growing impact sun screens have on marine life and help people make informed choices - find out more here