The 14th June 2023 is Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day 

Why have one?  Because millions of live animals are transported thousands of miles every year - they suffer on board without sufficient food or water, or rest, and even sick. Many animals fall sick, or  get injured, or die, and heavily pregnant animals, and over-crowding is rife.  Some face a terrible slaughter at the end of this journey and some ships never make it, as they sink or catch fire.   

Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day is a really good opportunity to show people exactly how many animals have to go through live export, and where and what they have to go through en route.

So what can you do?

WARNING:  Some of the things you may see on websites and social media about this subject are terrible to see - which is all the more reason for us all to act and #BanLiveExport.  Animals need our practical help - they need us to act because they can't. 

Find out more from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

EU Animal Transport

CIWF are working to call for the end of all long-distance live transport and end live exports from the UK, from the EU to non-EU countries and to ensure that international legislation and guidelines on the welfare of animals in transport and slaughter are enforced

Actions you can take include:

Help spread the #BanLiveExports message with a t-shirt from CIWF
Help spread the #BanLiveExports message with a t-shirt from CIWF
£24.00 online, t-shirts available for women and men

Charities involved in efforts to Ban live transport

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).  Act now:  UK Govenrment vowed it would apologist cruel live shipments of animals" by passing the  Animal Welfare "Kept Animals" Bill.  You can donate to help CIWF with its work here

Four Paws have a petiton to demand the export of live animals outside the EU, a ban on the transport of unweaned aniamls, a ban on long-distance transport over 8 hours (4 for rabbits and poultry) and a ban on the transport of live animals on the sea.

World Horse Welfare is campaigning to ban live export and also has a petition to stop horse smuggling.

Animals Australia ave a campaign to help end illegal animal abuse.

Mercy for Animals have an international campaign are looking to ban live export.

American Wild Horse Campaign reported on a live horses being shipped from Canadian airports to Japan for slaughter and they also have a campaign to support the Horse Transportation Safety Act  - in the US you can call your U.S. Representative and urge them cosponsor the Horse Transportation Safety Act, H.R 921.  

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition said back in March 2022 that the government had indicated that it will consult with industry, so everyone, this is the chance to make sure the Agriculture Minister and Members of Parliament know the views of horse advocates across Canada and they have a letter you can send to Minister Bibeau here.  There are more petitions on their site

There are news items here about it you could read and share:

EU Animal Welfare rules not respected in horse meat trade (February 2022)

Ban on live horse exports for slaughter requested by Trudeau in new mandate (December 2011)

Luxembourg bans live animal transport to third countries for slaughter 2022

Australia banned live sheep exports to the Middle East on animal health concerns 17 May 2022

New Zealand To Ban Live Animal Export By Sea From 2023 14 April 2021

World leading live export ban means thousands of animals will no longer suffer overseas

1 June 2023:  The Albanese government is bringing the live sheep export trade to an end!  Find out more here