The Nowzad staff and their families have GOT OUT of Afghanistan!


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11 September 2021

I am so excited that I can barely type this so please forgive typos but the Nowzad staff and their families have crossed the border into Pakistan and are now with the British High Commission in Islamabad.  From there, they will fly to the UK.    The animals are safe in quarantine and whilst some will be in kennels for about 3 months, others will be heading to new homes/owners very shortly!  Nowzad have been overwhelmed by offers of language courses, jobs, retraining programmes so that the staff can continue their animal welfare careers.

Pen Farthing on Twitter has done an amazing video, honestly, it's great when things work out :-), and said that all our donations are going to three things:

a) the resettlement of the staff in the UK

b) caring for the animals e.g. quarantine in kennels.  Apparently there are about 1,500 people who want to adopt!

c) the future of Nowzad - one of the things the charity needs to decide is where it goes from here.  It is hoped that the Taliban will let them continue with their working donkey programme (as there are still donkeys being cared for in Kabul) but it may be that Nowzad need to start somewhere else from scratch to help animals in another country.

Anyway, it's GREAT news, so congratulations to everyone involved and we wish everyone at Nowzad, the staff waiting to come to the UK, the teams on the ground in the UK and US and Pen and Kaisa and all the animals and the donkeys and those caring for them in Kabul, all the very best for the future.  You so deserve every happiness and good health.


All our prayers and thoughts are with everyone at Nowzad,

animals and people.


We are thinking of you.

THANK YOU for all you've done and will continue to do.

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