What's On in September - Get Involved


  Debris Month of Action
Thousands of scuba divers around the world rally together to take action against the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way to the ocean.
1st Sat International Vulture Awareness Day
Find out why vultures are important to the environment
4-8 Zero Waste Week
An opportunity to reduce landfill waste & save money - start some new great habits
Remember a Charity in your Will Week
A chance to think about what you can pass on to future generations.  Find out more from the website.  More Info
15-18 Big Beachwatch Weekend
A once a year beach clean and survey, the largest in the UK.  Clean up Britain's beaches.
22 World Rhino Day
A day of celebration for all five species of rhino, which also raises awareness of the threats to them.
22 World Car Free Day
The pollution from cars affects us all, people and animals.   Can you manage without the car for a day?  WWF says one way to help polar bears is to try to get rid of the car as much as possible. Find out more World Car Free Day
23 Sept - 23 Oct Seed Gathering Seasons
The Tree  Council aims to inspire everyone, particularly school children and  families, to gather seeds, fruits and nuts and grow the trees of the  future
24 TBC Global March for Elephants & Rhinos
late Sept, tbc Red Squirrel Week
Watch the Wildlife Trusts' website for more details - in the meantime, check out their list of events!

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