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Why not give a bale of hay as a Secret Santa or stocking filler?

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The Hillside Animal Sanctuary near Norwich is home to 4,000 animals. Most of the rescued animals have been saved from the farming industry, but 2,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules also call Hillside home. 

As you can imagine, this is an enormous undertaking demanding a lot of resource. 

So why not help them along?  One of the things you could do is to buy a bale of hay for £5 and donate that to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Obviously, you don't buy the bale of hay and trot off to Hillside with it in your car decorated with a piece of red ribbon - it's all much easier than that. You "buy" it online. 

It would make a great gift both for the horses and ponies, donkeys and mules at Hillside but also for any animal lover as a Secret Santa or stocking filler. 

Give a Gift in Lieu to support the animals at the sanctuary 

Buy a Gift of Hay for rescued animals

You could also choose a Gift a Sack of Grass Nuts for £5.00, or Feed a Rescue Dog for a week (£10) or Give a Bale of Straw for bedding (that's £15) or donate £5 towards the Hillside Carrot Appeal; a staggering 29 tonnes of carrots are regularly delivered to Hillside during the winter to help feed the 4000 rescued animals at the Sanctuary.  That's an awful lot of carrot!

You could also adopt Beauty the Sheep as a gift
You could also adopt an anmal such as Beauty the Sheep as a gift.
Or how about Doris the duck, or Henrietta the ex-battery hen,
or alpacas Inti and Lupi, or Tessa turkey or...
there are lots to choose from!  Click here to see!
(Minimum donation £10 for a year's adoption)

Visit Hillside Animal Sanctuary's online shop here to find out about the gifts mentioned above.  They've also got Christmas cards, adoption gifts, cards, notelets, gifts for donkey lovers - so lots to choose from.


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